3 Essential Travel Tips

Are you planning a once in a lifetime trip to Barcelona? Make the most out of your Spanish getaway after you get very low fare air tickets from New York to Barcelona by following these 3 indispensable travel tips.  

1. Order Tapas and Sangria

Barcelona is known for its food and drinks, specifically its tapas and sangria. Sample it all by ordering plenty of tapas and washing them down with cool and refreshing pitchers of sangria at one, or many, of the little cafés throughout this beautiful metropolis. Bonus tip: make sure to try the seafood paella, which is one of Barcelona’s most popular and delicious dishes.

2. Take Advantage of the Metro

There no better way to travel around Barcelona than with the metro. Not only is the Barcelona metro easy to navigate, but it goes to all of the places you’re going to want to see and at an amazing price. However, if you plan on staying out late, please be aware that parts of the metro do shut down after midnight.

3. Book Very Low Fare Air Tickets from New York to Barcelona

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