Explore: 5 Amazing Things to Do in Mykonos

things to do in mykonos

Mykonos is the heavenly abode in Greece for the beach lovers. It is the perfect blend of sunshine and nightlife, bringing out the Ibiza in Greece. The island has around 25 beaches suiting all kinds of needs of yours. From the white sands of Paraga to the pebbled Myrsine, Mykonos extends its hearts out to millions of tourists.

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1. The Best Things To Do in Mykonos Greece

When you think about Mykonos, the first image that comes to your mind is that of nothing else but bright blue waters. But Mykonos is not just that. Mykonos attractions also include interesting archaeological buildings and a variety of food options to explore.

It’s time to check out the list of the top things to do in Mykonos to find out more.


2. Paradise Beach Mykonos Greece

In Mykonos, Paradise beach is the synonym for parties. Famous for its hedonism, this first nudist beach of Mykonos, is the most sought out destination for nightlife. In the past few years, the Paradise beach Mykonos has developed drastically to feature the best resort hotels, carousing spots, and restaurants. Tropicana Beach bar and Cavo Paradiso Club are few among the popular ones.

The Super Paradise beach Mykonos, on the other hand, is a different scenario, where you are welcomed by half-nude crowds and the Mykonos LGBT community. But you should also be aware that, the super Paradise beach is not as glamorous as the Paradise beach Mykonos, lacking many amenities as available on the Paradise beach.


3. Paraportiani Church (Panagia Paraportiani)

Apart from the beaches, Mykonos is also home to beautiful churches. The Greek architecture has its definite mark on history and these churches do complete justification to it. Based on what the locals are saying, the 365 churches within the island are dedicated to each day of the year.

The most famous one is Panagia Paraportiani. The sunset view from the church is told to be one of the most serene visuals you will get in your lifetime. The dusky sky, with the beautiful setting of this Byzantine church with the perfect music of the mediterranean sea, does sound like a pure bliss.


4. Little Venice Mykonos

Little Venice Mykonos got its name from the unique houses built on the sea, with its balconies overlooking the water. These homes originally were constructed by shipping merchants for direct access to the sea.

These 18th-century houses are still the most striking aspect of the Little Venice Mykonos. Now they serve as cozy cafes, restaurants, and pubs.


5. The Windmills (Kato Myli)

In the background of Little Venice stands the most iconic windmills of Mykonos. Known as Kato Myli, these were used by the islanders to grind grains. These 16 windmills, now non-operational, stands as a connection to the past innovations the island has witnessed. The views you will get from this observation point are beyond stunning, extending to the Chora and the harbor.

Kato Myli also has a very fascinating neighborhood called Alefkandra. This place is noted for the soothing glass of ouzo to sit back and enjoy the sun.


6. Delos

By the Aegean Sea lies the UNESCO World Heritage site of Delos, a few miles away from Mykonos.

Delos Mykonos is the standing remnant of the mighty Greek civilization. Once the religious and political center of Cyclades, Delos Mykonos is also legendary as the birthplace of the Greek Gods Apollo and Goddess Artemis.

For the very same reasons, Delos is considered sacred. This famous archaeological site is a host to many antiquities from Hellenistic and Archaic periods. Delos can be reached by boats from Tinos, Naxos, and Mykonos. Even though it is not exactly in Mykonos, Delos is still a must-see item on the things to do in Mykonos list.

Mykonos is a treasure of the Greek islands. With its beauty and power, Mykonos is a bustling tourist destination. Go there and be ready to enjoy the bright and shining water of the mighty ocean.


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