7 Travel Hacks to earn Airline Miles Fast !

Airline miles seems to be more eluding than ever now. You would imagine, the more the demand is, the airlines would be happy to award you miles. On the contrary, they have now started to add miles depending on the amount you spend rather than the miles you flow. Now, the term airline miles is even a little bit misleading.

But how much ever fight the airlines put up, there are still a few travel hacks you could use to rack up the numbers. All you have to do is be conscious when you spend vast amounts in ways that you can benefit with miles from it.

Let us see how you can climb up the frequent flyer mile ladder quickly.

1. Open a New Credit Card

Open a New Credit Card

If you are on the lookout for a new credit card, consider getting one with a few extra benefits. A few credit cards offer bonuses like 50,000 points when you spend a certain amount of money within a certain limit. These points could be converted into miles or money to buy flight tickets. See which one is the best card for airline miles before you decide on one.

Then there are the airline credit cards. Going for the best airline credit cards could help you earn airlines miles while you use them to shop or pay for anything.

2. Buy or Sell a House

Buy or Sell a House

Investing in a house is a huge thing. For most of us, it is even a dream. But when you are signing a contract, consider if there are other perks that you could get from getting a mortgage.

How this works is, there are a few companies like America Home Miles or Miles from Home Really Services that could connect you with agents who are ready to give up on a percentage of their commission to reward the clients with miles as a bonus for choosing them to work with.

You could easily get a flat bonus of 50,000 miles or more for each $10,000 in the purchase you make. This is also valid for selling a house. The concept is no different than approaching a regular real estate agent for a house. The only thing is that the agent chooses this as a way to attract more clients, so it is of benefit to both the parties.

3. Buy a New Vehicle

Buy a New Vehicle

Most of the car dealers do not allow payments made from credit cards. Only a partial amount to be paid using credit. But if you are up to the task, then see whether your car company has a deal with any airlines to offer bonus miles for buying a car. United Airlines has one such agreement with Mercedes-Benz dealers that will get you free miles.

4. Pay your Taxes

Pay your Taxes

Paying taxes is a fundamental duty we are all obliged to do; still, it doesn't put a smile to our faces. But if it can get you some bonus miles, it might make you feel a little better. Try paying your taxes with credit cards, they might charge a fee, but it is a great way to earn more points.

Delta American Express Platinum and Citi AAdvantage Executive World Elite cards, both offer elite status bonus miles if you reach a certain threshold, and paying your taxes with these cards is a quick way of achieving it.

5. Go Cruising

Go Cruising

For those who love cruises, before you book one, consider making reservations with those travel agencies who are willing to offer you bonus miles for the charges. Airlines like American and Delta have tie-ups with cruising companies, where you can earn up to 8 miles per dollar you spend on the cruise. Since you are already paying a whopping amount on cruises, you might as well add a 1000 mile or two from it.

6. Fly Private

Fly Private

Yes, those who can fly private doesn't exactly need to buy airline miles. But considering how do airline miles work, there are a lot of other benefits that come with it. Also, there are a few people who love to collect miles as a hobby. The extra miles that come with flying private is more than you can imagine. You can get a Diamond status or a frequent flyer miles credit card that come with a higher tier status while using the private jet services offered by many airlines.

7. Donate Money to Charity

Donate Money to Charity

Doing a good deed should be done without expecting anything in return. It is entirely true. But there are a few organizations who are encouraging people to donate more and get free miles in return. So if you have been hesitating to donate for any reason, now you have one more cause for it. The National Foundation for Cancer research has paired up with airlines to offer such incentives to donors. If you look for it, you would be able to find more.

On the same note, even if you don’t get anything in return, considering donating to all good causes. Trust us, what you give will come back to you in some way, but what little you offer could make all the difference in someone else’s life.

Before looking for ways to increase your flyer miles, make sure you have signed up for the best airline miles program that is right for you, considering where you live. Do not just randomly choose an airline because they have the best airline miles card or other privileges. If the airlines don't have that many flights or an extensive network to places you fly more, however good their programs as you wouldn't be able to benefit the best out of it. Consider joining a program where miles could be transferred from airlines, and you can use all the perks of all.

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