The Best Train Stations in the World


A list of best train stations might not occur as something very interesting for everyone. If you are not so crazy about trains, there is nothing much to ponder about the stations either. But think again; consider those times when the train is late, you will be spending time looking at the rails, walls and even trash cans in the station. Wouldn't it be better if the station had something interesting to look at?

In many places, the stations actually carry over decades of history and have witnessed a lot of cultural changes. It is a part of the heritage of any place. So let's dive into this list of the best train stations in the world and see where you will not be disappointed even if you missed your train.


Liège-Guillemins Station, Belgium

Liège-Guillemins Station

This Belgium Train Station can easily put many airports to shame. Standing tall and curvy, the building alone has a striking impact on all the travelers.

The station was rebuilt in 2009 as per the design of the world-renowned Architect Santiago Calatrava. The station serves as focal point for high-speed TGVs to France and Germany and other intercity Belgium trains.

One of the main requirements was to position the Liège-Guillemins Station at the heart of the European rail network. Since it was supposed to be the center, there was equal importance given to the aesthetics of the station.

The signature style of Calatrava's design is seen evidently in this station with its fluidity inspired by movement. With steel, concrete, and glass as primary materials, the Architect has created something truly unique concerning how such a different form works perfectly with the function. The station has made its mark as one of the most modernistic designs for a train station in the entire world.  So book your cheap flights to Belgium right away and if you get on a train to Belgium, be sure to visit the station.

Atocha Station, Spain

Atocha Station Spain

This largest central terminal of Madrid might take you in for a surprise. Unlike any other stations, it is not the sound of train whistles and engines that welcomes you but a 43.000 square foot of indoor garden. It is a little unbelievable until you see it with your own eyes.


The Atocha station works essentially as a greenhouse with plants surrounded by cafes restaurants and waiting areas. The terminal also connects to Madrid Metro Stations. So add this to your list of places to visit before you get started on your search for cheap flights to Spain.

Helsinki Central Station Finland

The iconic architecture of the Helsinki Central Station has been standing tall in Finland since 1919. From the four sentry statues at the terminal's entrance to the granite guards that awaits to welcome you to the station, it is more like entering an old castle.


The station engages around 400,000 people a day commuting in the long-distance trains that leave from Finland. The famous feature of this station is the grand entrance with the huge arched window. The building also has a turquoise green roof that stands out along with its influence from the Art Nouveau style.

Sao Bento Station Portugal

São Bento Station, Portugal

Hundreds flock on the cheap flights to Portugal to visit the unique  Sao Bento Station Porto.

The illustrations of Portugal's history and rules depicted on the walls of the station using azulejo tile work is as astounding as the architecture of the building.

Made with a whopping number of 20,000 tiles, the artwork includes that of history, landscapes, and ethnographic scenes. Artist Jorge Colaço worked for 11 years to create this masterpiece of tile work.

Gare de Metz-Ville, France

Gare de Metz-Ville, France

This train station in France has been polled as the most beautiful in the country by a survey done by French rail company itself. Gare de Metz-Ville competed with Gare du Nord for its position and won with the 130-foot clock tower that designates it as a historical monument too.

The station was originally built to impress the power of Prussian state when the Metz was at the border of the German empire. So if your travel plans to France extends beyond Paris, this is one place to check out. Look for the best fares for cheap flights to France at our website.

Antwerpen-Centraal Station, Belgium

Antwerpen-Centraal Station, Belgium

The building of Antwerpen-Centraal Station has taken over a decade to complete. Constructed in the 20th century, the train station is an architectural stunner with a 250-foot high dome that lets in a stream of natural light into the main terminal. So when there, don’t forget to look up to the ceiling.


Jungfraujoch Station Switzerland

The Jungfraujoch Station is the highest one in Europe at 11,000 feet above sea level. It is a remarkable sight that surrounds the landscape of this station. Get your cheap flights to Switzerland and hop on a to Kleine Scheidegg from Interlaken to reach this top station. You will be rewarded with the beauty of Alps and pines throughout the journey.


Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Station, India

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Station, India

It is not just the brilliant colors and spicy food that would make you want to bag your cheap flights to India. India has hidden gems of architecture other than Taj Mahal too. The Mumbai train station is one example. Built in the 1890s and recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the station is still brimming with life, and it is a spot you might want to check out on your trip. You will be overwhelmed by the sheer number of passengers, but it gives you a glimpse into the life in India all at once.

Kanazawa Station Japan

Kanazawa Station, Japan

The real beauty of Japan lies in cities and villages other than Tokyo and Kyoto. So even if your cheap flights to Japan takes you only to the cities, you should definitely travel to the interior to know more about the country. With torii-style sacred gates and traditional Japanese tsuzumi drums, the Kanazawa Station is a culmination of Japan’s traditions in architecture perfectly blended with the ultra-modern steel-and-glass terminal.

Maputo Station, Mozambique

Maputo Station, Mozambique

Mozambique might need an introduction first. Located in the Southeast African region, the country has an excellent array of beautiful buildings. The train station is one of the most striking among them with the mint green color. The museum also offers a glance into the history of the old town with a small art museum. On weekends, you might even catch a live music performance here.


With many people opting to fly rather than go in a train, these stations in many places might actually be stamped as museums after a few centuries. So you might as well choose to travel domestic in trains and experience this before it gets too late.

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