How to nail Budget Travel as a Couple

Traveling is best when you have someone to share your experiences with. However, at times the budget seems to hold you back from taking such amazing trips. If budget travel has sound hard enough when you do it solo, you might think that it is worse when you do it with one more person.

That isn't always the case though. When you pay for anything, when you share it with someone, it is even more worth it. So keeping this in mind, go through our best travel tips to any exotic travel destinations that would help you to make the most out of it.

1. Buy a Companion Airline Ticket

Buy a Companion Airline Ticket

Planning for couple travel under a budget starts right from getting the right flights. There are a few airlines that offer companion tickets in great packages. With some, it comes with a discount for a companion or other airlines offer a deal where you complete a challenge to fly these many miles, and you get to bring-a-friend ticket. This is one of the excellent air travel tips that is most useful for couples.


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2. Reduce the luggage

Reduce the luggage

If you are backpacking, it is best to carry one for each other. It would be ideal if you can avoid check-in items of luggage and just use a carry-on. It would save you so much time packing and even finding that luggage at baggage claims.

If you are taking separate carry-ons, it might be just easier to keep the stuff organized without having to mix up each other’s stuff.

3. Pack the Essentials

Pack the Essentials

Mostly, whether you stay in hotels or rentals, you will be provided with basic toiletries. At the same time, it is good to carry travel bottles of what you need so you won’t have to buy it there. Pack your own toothbrush, and share everything else.

Do not forget to pack a laundry bag and a soap, if you are traveling for a long time, then washing clothes would do you real good. It is best to use the same clothes than to pack a lot of stuff for each day of travel.

4. Accommodation 


If as a couple, you are not particular about staying together, you can always opt for two beds in a dorm in a hostel. That is the cheapest option. If you are looking to stay in private bedrooms in hostels, then the price is going to be the same or even higher than hotels.

Another option you can go for is Airbnb. They are definitely comfortable and at times very affordable too. Plus, they might have a small pantry, so you don’t have to spend extra every time even for a cup of coffee.

5. Make the time Worthy

Make the time Worthy

Unless you are taking a trip to promote something, don’t get lost in the world of social media at your destination. Sure, its great to take pictures and post them. But what is even better is living in the moment, exploring the place and enjoying time with your favorite person.

Don’t waste money unnecessarily buying souvenirs that are expensive and not worthy.

Many cities also have free entry to many monuments and museums. Do a quick online search about the place before you head out, so you know of such sites and their timings.

6. Cook Your Own Meals

Cook Your Own Meals

The best way to save money while traveling is to prepare your food. Of course, you have to taste the local cuisine and indulge; we are not suggesting to have all three meals made by yourselves. Like we said before if your hotel or Airbnb has a pantry, you can easily have breakfast there.

Go for grocery shopping and make sandwiches and easy stuff at home. You can even go to farmer’s markets in the mornings and buy some fresh local produce. This is an incredible experience to know about the local culture too.  It will save you heaps, and you can always try new things there.

7. Share Meals

Share Meals

When you do go out, you don’t always have to order everything on the menu to try it. You can specifically say you are sharing and order for such items. This will let you taste a lot of different items without having to pay a lot.

8. Don’t Drink

Don’t Drink

One of the biggest reasons why restaurants bills are so high is because of the drinks you order. Avoid drinking with food, and you can limit the expenditure. Even at bars, you are not going to have more excitement when you are already with your partner.

If you really need a drink, the best thing to do would be to buy a bottle from a store again.

9. Do Romantic Things

Do Romantic Things

You might be at a budget travel destination, but it is always good to invest a little in a bit of romance. You don’t always have to go only to romantic destinations to do romantic things. Even if your hotel is not that charming, in one evening, go have a nice romantic dinner or even prepare your own picnic from supermarket stuff and set out to a cool rooftop or a river bank. You will only make yourselves happier by doing this.

10. Rent a Car

 Rent a Car

Depending on where you are traveling, going for cheap car rentals might be more affordable than traveling on public transport. Of course, in Europe, the rails passes come at great discounts. But in a few countries, you might be able to reach any place you want with your own vehicle. Consider this before you readily book all the transportation.

Try these budget travel tips for yourself, and you are sure to spend less than what you initially hoped for. You will even have more fun cooking meals and to spend time with each other this way. Start booking your flights with us and have a fantastic trip with your loved one.

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