Traveling Tips to Explore Switzerland on a Budget

Switzerland is a dream destination for almost everybody. But for those who are keen to make a visit to this beauty, you should be well aware of the cost it involves too.

When the country provides such impeccable infrastructure and facilities not just for its residents but also for its tourists, everything comes at its cost. It is comparatively expensive to any other European country and thus, actually one of the most expensive countries in the world itself.

However, it is possible to visit this incredible country without making a hole in your pocket. We are here to tell you about a few well-polished hacks that could help you to save some during you Swiss trip. So take notes people, here is how to travel Switzerland on a budget.


1. Get your Travel Means Right

Get your Travel Means Right

If you have the liberty of time, then the best budget traveling in Europe could be done by going on trains. It is valid for Switzerland too. In fact, there are many deals and discounts offered by the official Switzerland transportation itself to encourage visitors to use their services.

So how can you get the maximum out of these options?

First of all, get your tickets booked as early as possible. Just like most of the traveling options, early birds get a good deal. If you are traveling during summer, keep an eye out for summer deals. The official website of SBB will have some discount sales during the high season which gets you to travel tickets along with passes for attractions too. There are also many options like Supersaver and Family passes that you could avail depending on your travel needs.

It is best to book your tickets online well before your travel dates or as soon as you get plane tickets to Switzerland. Certain tickets need to be printed, and you can't show it on your mobile phone. In a few cases, they will mail you the printed tickets, so that also require extra time.

Another way to travel is to get Eurail passes. Now, this you can either get for one country or multiple countries. With this pass, you can travel free inside any public transport in Switzerland. You just need to reserve seats if necessary. This also comes with a free ride on certain Golden pass routes and also discounts for museums and other tourists sites. These passes also come with a discount as high as 35% during summer.


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2. Get your Food at the Local Supermarkets

local supermarket

While a big part of traveling is to taste the local cuisine, Switzerland has many influences from its neighboring countries. But even a regular burger from McDonald’s is going to cost you way more than what you pay anywhere else.

So if you want to save a little, it is best to go to the local supermarket and get food. Now don’t think that it means feeding on just fruits, vegetables and chips. There you will find coffee vending machines to freshly made bread and savories, still costly but a lot cheaper than restaurants. And it is not necessary that you should have all three meals from here either.

3. Find a Home to Stay

Rental Houses in Switzerland

Staying in hotels are all fun, but now homestays are actually taking over. Websites like Airbnb and HomeAway have excellent places for a much cozy stay. Hotel rates in Switzerland, just like everything else, is on the much steeper side. These apartment or room rentals might be a much affordable option and an excellent way to budget traveling Europe.

Another good thing about these are, most of the apartments or houses come with its own kitchen or at least a pantry. So you can make simple items or at least make a sandwich and save up on food too.

4. Use the Public Transportation

Public Transportation in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the countries in the world with top-notch infrastructure. So that means, public transportation is almost perfect there. The bus and tram routes are straightforward to understand too, especially now with many maps and other mobile applications that could guide you.

Most places are walkable if in the city and if not you will surely find buses or trams. If you are staying in hotels, most of them even offer bus passes for the duration of your stay. So you don't even have to buy tickets. If not, you can purchase passes at vending machines at the railway stations or stops.

5. Try to avoid Booking Tours

Try to avoid Booking Tours

As mentioned before, it is pretty easy to find your ways around Switzerland. So there is absolutely no need to book an organized tour for your visit. If you are visiting cities like Geneva, then most of the city could even be accessed by walking too. All you have to do is get your tickets to museums and other attractions online. The cities are entirely safe, and you will be better off enjoying it in your own pace instead of simply paying a tour operator a few hundred bucks extra to drop you off.

6. Pack Smartly

Pack Smartly

Switzerland is a country with enough diversity. If you are planning to visit the Alps, then you might find that the weather has changed and you are in need of a sweater urgently. To avoid such extra expenses, make sure you pack all the necessary things for the weather. Also, keep in mind to save some space in the luggage to keep all those extra swiss chocolates you are sure to buy during your trip.

7. Go Souvenir Shopping at Supermarkets

Go Souvenir Shopping at Supermarkets

Apparently, supermarkets in Switzerland is your best shot at everything. Buying souvenirs is a thing we all end up doing even if we didn't mean to. But the exclusive souvenir shops are all overpriced.and chances are that you will find many similar items in supermarkets. Even swiss chocolates come much cheaper, even for the same brands. Keep an eye out for Loeb Nad manor; they sell a lot of cheap items.

8. Bring Your Own Bottle

Bring Your Own Bottle

If you were not already aware of this, then know that crystal clear drinkable water flows through all fountains throughout the country. And it is completely free! So don’t waste your money buying mineral water bottles. Always carry reusable bottles with you and fill up on the water from fountains. Zurich alone has more than 1200 fountains so you won't run out of fountains.

9. Go during off-season

Go during off-season

So if you are only considering visiting Switzerland and not booked tickets already, check whether you can go during offseason. This includes April, May, September, and October. These months are not so great, but the weather is still pleasant for traveling.

Traveling during this “shoulder season” will help you heaps in saving for accommodation, travel tickets and even food.

10. Buy Passes

Travel Pass

One thing about Switzerland is, the tickets to many attractions come cheaper when you buy it as a Travel Pass for things together. So there are museum passes that you can for different durations that applies to you depending on the length of your stay. Same goes for travel passes too. If you are planning to cover every single attraction that the country has to offer, then these passes will come in handy.

So there it is the best insider budget traveling tips that you can find on traveling to Switzerland. We are sure whether it is for budget travel or not, you will find this useful to make the maximum out of your Swiss visit.