Get Frequent Flyer Status Fast with these Tips

There is an elite world inside the airlines and airports. You don’t always have to fly in First Class to enjoy them. Just be smart and stack up the flying miles that could open doors of flashy lounges to you.

For those who are not fully aware of the advantages of Frequent Flyer Status, let us tell you, it opens the door to the exclusive privileges in the airline world without having to break your bank.

To get a better understanding with visual aids, you could even watch “Up in the Air” where George Clooney could explain it adequately.

The more miles you collect, the more you benefit from it. Apart from that, these miles will also come in handy to fly cheaply.

So how can you pile up these Frequent Flyer Miles fast? But before that, know a little more about how it works with airlines.

What is a Frequent Flyer Status?

Frequent Flyer Status

Almost all airline shave a loyalty program that encourages customers to choose to fly that particular airline exclusively. The reward for this loyalty you show to them is the status of  Frequent Flyer with the airline. With this tag comes tons of benefits according to the tier you are in.

There are different levels of Frequent Flyer Status one can get in a loyalty program. An airline will have its own system of different categories and tiers and what benefits come with it.

For example, Lufthansa and United Airlines have a 4 tier system called Miles & More  and MileagePlus respectively.  United Airlines’ highest tier is called Premier 1K, and Lufthansa’s is called HON Circle.

It is challenging to say which is the best airline loyalty program as each airline has its own distinct packages and privileges that come with the status.

How to use Frequent Flyer Miles?

How to use Frequent Flyer Miles

Like previously touched upon briefly, a frequent flyer status comes with following benefits like priority boarding, lounge access, baggage allowance, etc. But beyond all that, getting a higher status would mean that you are eligible to earn more miles than what you earn usually. This is obtained by what airlines call “the multiplier effect.”

Let us take any flight that could give you around 3500 miles by earning 100% of flown miles in their economy class. If you have a higher status, according to the frequent flyer miles calculator, you also receive bonus miles on top of the flown miles. It could vary between 125 to even 200 depending on your status. When you are getting such free frequent flyer miles, you can also redeem them to get free tickets later.

This “multiplier effect” depends to a great extent on which class you are flying. Business and First Class passengers can earn even up to 300% of the flown miles if you are a member of the higher tiers.

Now that you are clear about the perks and how it works, see how to get frequent flyer miles and reach the highest tier of the Frequent Flyer Status quick enough.

How to quickly attain the highest level of Frequent Flyer Status?

highest level of Frequent Flyer Status

You can definitely achieve this status without any tricks. But the thing is it might take a long time depending on how often you fly and in which class you do. To encourage more people to sign up for deals, the airlines themselves have come up with a few ways to let you collect more miles.

There are three ways you can achieve this.

1. Choosing an Airline Loyalty Program 

Airline Loyalty Program 

Not all airlines have the same strategy for loyalty programs. Some come with more perks and service, so it is imperative to choose the right airline loyalty program for you.

If you are a frequent flyer, you might already have a favorite airline. But it is good to consider more options to get a better picture of the benefits.

Examine these things that a list of airline carriers offer to see which is best suited for you.

First, see which airline has the lowest requirements to achieve their highest frequent flyer status. The easier it is, definitely the better.

Secondly, see which airline loyalty program offers options for a status challenge or mileage run, we will get in detail about these later.

And last, see which one is the best in your region, because you are going to use that a lot.

Even with airline loyalty programs, it is suggested to have an idea about airline alliances. This allows you to use the privilege to which your airline belongs to, and few airlines even let you transfer the miles.

Consider looking up those in Star Alliance, Skyteam, British Airways Executive Club, and Oneworld. They have a very extensive network, and in most airports, you can find a lounge which you can access.

2. Status Challenge

Status Challenge

It is just like it sounds; it is a challenge that you have to complete. In this case, you will have to complete flying a number of times within a certain time period. This will get you an instant frequent flyer status.

If you fly frequently, you might actually be flying that many times but not aware whether the airline offers such programs. It is an excellent way to earn more miles.

Normally, if you are required to fly 75,000 miles in a year for a Platinum status if you are participating in a challenge, then you need only 25,000 miles, but it would have to be in 3 months.

Unfortunately, the problem here is, few airlines would charge you to take part in this program. And there are only a few airlines that offer this at the moment.

American Airlines is a big promoter of such programs. It is called AAdvantage Status Challenge. Depending on which status you would like to achieve, you will have to pay between $200 to $500 to sign up for this challenge.

3. Mileage Runs

Mileage Runs

Mileage Run is when you fly just for the sake of adding up the miles. This also depends on which airline you choose and how far away you are from the next tier. But if you personally love flying and is keen to get elite status and enjoy the privileges that come with it, it might not hurt to spend a bit more for a few journeys that could get you to the top.

Recently, a few airlines started considering the amount you spend rather than the distance. This had affected the mileage runs and reduced its benefits. But now, many airlines are encouraging the same concept for premium economy cabins. Again, different airlines calculate it individually; it is best to do some study about the miles you receive instead of randomly choosing to fly to places for a run.

4. Status Match 

Status Match

Status Match is another strategy you can follow to get a frequent flyer status. So this concept is pretty simple and straightforward. You already have a frequent flyer status with one airline, but for some reason, you want to switch to another airline.

Now a few airlines let you start from where you stopped at the previous one, so you don’t have to start from zero with the new airline.  Whether or not you get the same status or a lower depends entirely on the new airlines.

But keep one thing in mind, not all airlines offer this, and it is not always that you can do a status match. But it means that all the miles you have saved up don't go to waste when you start flying on a different airline.

It is always suggested to contact the airlines before you make this decision. With each airline, there is a period of time for which you can enjoy this status, and within that, you should have accomplished their requirements to continue this. It might be that you have to fly internationally within a specific time or that you should collect some miles in the airline.

Turkish Airlines do offer an instant status match, and they do it frequently. But it is not often clear, which ones they accept and which they don't.  It would also depend on the alliance programs the airlines belong to.

You will have to show proof of your miles and activity from last 12 months. If approved, you can enjoy the status for four months, and within that time, you should have flown in one international segment on Turkish Airlines.

Delta SkyMiles is another program that lets you transfer the miles. The airline allows you to keep the matched status for three months during which you should get 18,750 miles or 25 segments. This applies for platinum status in Delta Airlines.

So many points and so many airlines, the world of flying and frequent flying programs could be challenging for a newcomer. Let us help you here, book your cheap flight tickets with us at FareDepot, and we can tell you all about the miles you would earn and which airlines offer the most. You can also enter your Airline Flyer number and not use your miles when you book with us. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to seek any help in finding the cheapest international flights for you.