Must-See Spots in Mumbai


Rich history, fantastic architecture and wonderful culture are only a small selection of what you’ll get while visiting India. And with exclusive flight from New York to Mumbai, you can see all that this wondrous city has to offer. 

Gateway of India

Begin your trip by entering through the Gateway of India. This landmark was built to commemorate King George V and Queen Mary’s visit to Mumbai. The powerful structure garners a lot of attention and is perfect for photo-ops.

Colaba Causeway Market

If you’re on the hunt for unique souvenirs, Colaba Causeway Market is the place to go. Street vendors offer cheap clothes, cool boutiques and so much more. Walk the pathways and soak up the color and culture.

Juhu Beach

Don’t plan on visiting Juhu Beach if you’re looking for a calm evening. Just as bustling as the rest of Mumbai, Juhu Beach teems with all walks of life. It’s a must-see if you’re looking to watch sunset, play in the water and tease your taste buds with incomparable street food.

Film City

If it’s not Hollywood, it’s Bollywood. Right by Sanjay Gandhi National Park lies Film City. Spanning 520 acres, Film City has the capacity to host nearly 1,000 film sets at once! Enter hundreds of cities, stores and more as you wander around.

Haji Ali

Your trip may not be for religious purposes, but visiting the Haji Ali can give you great insight into Mumbai and India’s culture. The white, monochromatic building features stunning columns and beautifully sculpted domes, with an awe-striking attention to detail.

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