Things to know for your Iceland Road Trip

There are a few words that could describe the beauty of Iceland doing it complete justice. It is spectacular, with its glorious landscapes stealing your breath away at first sight. The country can surprise you with its culture, character and more than anything, its beauty.

To see this untamed beauty, it is not enough that you do a namesake visit to the capital Reykjavik. The more you travel in it, the more you will discover about its allure. Sure there are many Iceland travel packages that can show you around. But you definitely need to take a road trip to get the true essence of this place truly. And it is indeed possible within a short period of time.

Now, there has been a huge increase in the number of people traveling to Iceland. So getting info from all the practical aspects, here is what you need to know before you head out. This is your epic Iceland travel guide that is going to tell you about ass aspects of making an Iceland road trip.

1. Iceland is expensive

Iceland is expensive

It is not new that Iceland is one of the most expensive countries in the world. But is not always possible to know how much of an expense it is. And it only seems to be getting higher each year.

When you are out on the road, it is possible to lose track of how much you are spending. But comparing to other places, everything is a bit expensive, even above midrange. So if you are on a budget, it might even be best to visit the place first to get an idea and save the road trip for later.

2. Check for the current Information

Check for the current Information

Nowadays, the best way to know about a place is the internet. You can find anything and everything from ages back on the web. That is exactly the problem though. When you read something on any Iceland travel forum, it is easy not to notice how old that post is.

So next time you do online research first check the dates to make sure you are getting accurate information. You should also note which is the best time to visit Iceland and the best places to visit Iceland season by season. Outdated information could affect the prices you think you would pay and even what to expect in a new place.

3. Make Reservations 

Make Reservations 

Road trips are the best when it is spontaneous. But don’t let everything leave to chance. In a country like Iceland, it is best to make reservations way before you plan your trip.

This includes accommodation and even car rentals. While choosing accommodation, go for hotels or guest houses that offer complimentary breakfast.

4. While Renting a Car

While Renting a Car

Like you read before, you should try to make reservations at the car rental even before you arrive. Renting a car for road trip Iceland is much cheaper than booking excursions. You can get a compact for around $150 a day, depending on the condition and the model.

When the rental agent talks non stop about insurance, don’t think it's just a hoax. Yes, it might be irritating, but you are better off having insurance while on the trip.


5. Choosing the Rental Car

Choosing the Rental Car

The roads in Iceland are mostly in excellent condition, but of course, there are exceptions, that would depend on where you are going and such. So while renting, it is imminent that you enquire well about how the car can survive such road conditions.

Also, take into consideration the Iceland weather. Not all cars would be in a condition to drive through snow. The rental agencies are not going to take the car back without inspecting thoroughly and making sure you haven’t damaged it. So when you rent out, check it for yourself to ensure its proper.

6. Filling Up the Tank

Filling Up the Tank

Bear this in mind, folks. You will need a credit or debit card to fill up gas in your tank. So don’t just depend on cash. And not all pumps accept debit card too. So if you use the credit card, make sure to remember the pin correctly.


7. Don’t Leave the Car doors Open

Don’t Leave the Car doors Open

We do not suggest this for safety reasons, but of course, that is a valid point. The wind in Iceland is capable of ripping out a car door. It is stronger than you would imagine and the insurance will not cover ripped doors. So be safe and careful.


8. Charging your electronics

Charging your electronics

You might have to have more than one power bank to charge your electronics on a road trip. But if your car has a battery socket, it would be even better. So bring the adapters and make it a point to check for these while you rent the car.


9. Figuring out Directions

Figuring out Directions

A GPS is going to cost you a few extra bucks a day. So the alternative is to use Maps applications in your phone, but even this might not always be reliable due to network failure or location availability.

In this case, an Iceland travel map could be your best option. While on the main road, it is fairly easy to find direction. It gets more challenging in the byroads or even inside the city. And if you are hoping to see someone to ask for directions, it is not possible all the time. Iceland is not heavily populated, and once you are out of cities, you might not even see humans for hours.

10. Prepare for the Weather

Prepare for the Weather

It is not enough that you check the weather before you set out for the trip, it is necessary that you do it all the time. Iceland weather could be very fluctuating and even frustrating at times. There are also regular warnings about wind or rain.

So you just have to do all the time. You might even have to change the Iceland road trip itinerary and stay longer in one place, but it is best to avoid the unpleasantness of being halted in the middle of the road.

You should also carry clothing based on the season you are visiting. Rains are occasional, but it would be best to carry a waterproof jacket and boots with you. Carry waterproof bags for everything, phone cases wrap to cover your bags and even keep umbrellas.

11. Hotel Services

Hotel Services

If you are staying in hotels, don’t expect a 24-hour reception. So you might want to notify them of your arrival time beforehand, or you would be welcomed by closed doors. Also, let them know of any requests you have as receptions tend to close from 11. P.m to 6. P.m. Few hotels have custom reception times, so it is always good to check before you start.

12. Daylight


Daylight is a very abundant and at times, even scarce thing in Iceland. In summer, the days are really long and nights shot. In winter, it would be just the other way round. It might take you a while to get used to it and even adjust your sleeping cycle, but it could be a cool thing to experience too.

13. Credit cards 

Credit cards 

Iceland is a place where you can survive without having cash at all. Even to go to the bathroom, card payments are accepted. So double check with your bank on transaction fee and get yourself one or two no-fee cards.

14. Attractions 


Unlike most European countries, Iceland’s attractions usually tend to be on the natural side of things rather than museums. And most of these are absolutely free to visit. You just have to plan perfectly to cover a maximum of the natural wonders like glaciers while there.

15. Stick to the Supermarkets 

supermarkets iceland

If you are looking for Iceland travel tips to save money, then supermarkets are saviors. You can load up on drinks, snacks, and sandwiches and picnic your meals all day. Once you set out on the road, you might not come across supermarkets all the time. It is highly recommended to have enough food and water all the time.


16. Safety in Iceland

Safety in Iceland

Iceland is a really safe country. Even though it is deserted, there is nothing much to worry about humans robbing you or something. You can leave your valuables in the car while you get out to go somewhere, without having to worry about it.

What you have to be concerned is not to ignore the safety instructions. If you see a board telling you not to go there or not to do certain things, there are there for a reason. Nature is unpredictable and for your own safety, don’t get all adventurous by breaking the rules here.

How much ever you read about it, nothing can prepare you for the awe-inspiring experience that awaits you in Iceland. The people are kind, and nature is ever so welcoming. It will leave an impression in your head, not replaceable by anything else.


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