Top 5 Places to Visit


Looking for affordable vacation spots this season? These five places boast very cheap airfare to put some extra cash in your pocket while also promising beautiful getaways for the wayward traveler. 


Budapest, Bulgaria

Budapest boasts gorgeous neoclassical architecture and castles, rich with Roman, Renaissance, and Ottoman influence. Its expansive history is coupled with a thriving urban background.

Prague, Czech Republic

With its fantastic mix of gothic and baroque buildings and churches, Prague is an inexpensive walk in time through a medieval fantasy for travelers.

Istanbul, Turkey

Once the capital of both the Ottoman and Byzantine Empires, Istanbul has no shortage of marvelous architecture and monuments. Far from a quiet town, the city is a bustling fusion of tradition and modernity.

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Hong Kong is another low-cost getaway that you can’t miss out on with its stark contrast to the cities around it, full with a modern city life and an alluring landscape all in one.

Bangkok, Thailand

A blend of a futuristic city and its historic roots, Bangkok lives to serve the traveler looking for vibrant nightlife destination. If that isn’t what you’re looking for, it’s also full of divine Buddhist temples.

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