Your Essential Travel Guide

Barcelona is a city of culture, food, art, and so much more. Are you thinking of getting low international airfare from New York to Barcelona and exploring this glorious Spanish metropolis? Then make sure to check out our essential Barcelona travel guide below! 

Places to Go in Barcelona


-       Park Güell

-       La Sagrada Familia

-       Columbus Monument

-       Arc de Triomf

-       Montjuïc Castle


Things to Know About Barcelona

-       The usual way to greet someone is with a kiss on both cheeks.

-       The weather is nice and not too hot in Barcelona from April to July.

-       Plan on eating dinner late in the evening, typically after 9:30pm.

-       Tipping isn’t typical, but it is always appreciated.


Foods to Eat in Barcelona

-       Pa am Tomáquet – toasted bread with garlic, olive oil, and fresh tomatoes.

-       Patates Braves – potatoes with a spicy sauce.

-       Cargols a la Lluana – snails that are traditionally cooked on a tin surface.

-       Fideuá – thin noodles with seafood and vegetables.

-       Escalivada – roasted vegetables with olive oil and vinegar.

-       Calçots – sautéed green onions served with a Romesco sauce.


Words to Say in Barcelona

-       Hola (hello)

-       Adéu (goodbye)

-       Si us plau (please)

-       Grácies (thank you)

-       On és…? (where is…?)

-       Quant costa aixó? (how much is this?)


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