Frequently Asked Questions

Asked Questions

Yes, offers a completely automated platform to book airline tickets. We list the lowest fares from all major airlines for all destinations in the world. The software is designed simple and intuitive for easy navigation with simple steps and pre-selected menus to complete your reservations.

Log on to your user account on to select flights from the list and fill-in the boxes with details. You will find numbers of options to choose from. Once the reservation process is completed successfully you will receive a confirmation email from our side.

Of course, you can. In fact, we recommend that you call at our office for best and discounted rates for business/first & Economy airfares. Moreover, if you need any assistance or a quick action to resolve any query feel free to drop an email to or call us on 866-860-2929.

Yes, can help you in finding flights for last minute traveling decisions. Directly call our professional travel consultants on 866-860-2929 for last minute booking. In case of booking online, book at least three days prior to your traveling date to avoid last minute changes.

For unaccompanied minor traveling alone you can contact the airline to check their policy regarding the same. Often it’s discretion of the respective airline. To get assistance from our travel executives call us on 866-860-2929 or mail with your queries at

Yes. allows you the facility to book tickets from anywhere.

Most fares listed in our system are all inclusive consolidated fare; but some fares are also shown as net fares only. The consolidated fare would include taxes, security charges and other charges for the ticket. Total cost of the ticket will be calculated at the final step based on the details furnished by the customer.

Usually the total value payable for the ticket is shown in the ticket issued by If the fare shown in the fare box is more than the listed price it may be because taxes and charges are included to it to for final calculation.

Tickets are issued immediately or the next day after the transaction is concluded and payment made to For further assistance or inquiries you can call us on 866-860-2929866-860-2929 FREE and one of our friendly travel professionals will help you with your issues.

As per airline rules, duplicate reservations for same passenger would cause all the reservations to get cancelled automatically by GDS.

Yes, you can, depending on airline’s policy. For details please send your request to or Call 866-860-2929866-860-2929 FREE

New passenger can be added to an existing air or hotel booking depending on availability. Make a fresh reservation and while doing so keep the details of original booking handy for reference. However, passengers may note that airline fares change frequently and so, we can’t guarantee availability of tickets on the original price slab.

In a process to go green many airlines are now switching to electronic tickets. We would follow airline’s policy regarding issuance of ticket – electronic or printed.

Drop us a mail at with details; confirmation number, name of the passenger(s) and date of purchase. We will send the receipt to you.

We suggest that you send us an email at or call at our toll free number with details regarding the name/date of birth of the infant traveling with you, along with your reservation number. One of our customer care representatives will assist you.

It may take us 2-3 business days to mail your printed ticket and once it is dispatched you will receive name of the courier and tracking number through email. But if your traveling date is approaching near and you haven’t received your ticket please mail us at to resolve the issue.

To be on the safe side we suggest that you reconfirm your booking before your traveling date either on airline’s website or by calling our 800 number. Sometimes there can be last minute’s changes in flight schedule or cancellation due to weather condition. To avoid inconvenience reconfirmation is advisable.

If we are intimated of any change of itinerary by the airline we notify our clients. You can also reconfirm it directly with the airline prior to your traveling date. You can check it on their website or by directly calling up in airline’s office.

You would need to submit change in traveling date in our website with a mention of your confirmation number and new date of traveling. Please note all changes will be subject to availability and according to airline’s policies and regulation.  A $50.00 service fee will be applied by along with penalties, charges and fare price differences imposed by the airline. Some fares are not refundable. Our expert travel professionals will inform you of respective policies.

If you have decided not to travel and have no immediate plan as well we suggest that you cancel your ticket to avoid no-show. Some tickets may lose their complete value if not cancelled before day of traveling.

Cancellation policy depends on the rules of the airline and class of booking. Some airlines may allow you credit for a future date within one year of purchasing the ticket; some would qualify for refund whereas some may be completely non-refundable. We suggest that you confirm cancellation policy either with us or by directly calling the airline with your e-ticket and booking confirmation number for reference.

Whether your unused or partially used ticket can receive refund/reuse would depend entirely on the discretion of the airline concerned.

Once your booking is confirmed you would receive a confirmation e-mail in your inbox. Some tickets may take longer so do not lose patience. Check your spam or junk mail folder. If you haven’t received any confirmation at all contact our customer care desk at 866-860-2929866-860-2929 FREE.

It may take some time for the system to get updated. If you can’t see your confirmation in the system contact our customer care executive on 866-860-2929866-860-2929 FREE for assistance on online reservation confirmation.

Check your name and itinerary details on the confirmation mail. In case your spelling differs from that is mentioned in your ID proof immediately call at our customer care desk at 866-860-2929866-860-2929 FREE or notify through an email at to get it corrected.

You can request for special meals or seating preferences for each passenger by directly calling the airline after reservation.

Most of our airfares allow you to accumulate frequent flyer miles. Please do enter your frequent flyer mileage number while making reservations. You can also update the same by calling the airline directly or one of our customer care representatives. Some airlines, however, may limit accumulation of miles on tickets.  Please, confirm the same with the airline.

Often allowing passengers to redeem vouchers, certificates or frequent flyer miles is the discretion of the airline so we suggest you to contact the airline directly to inquire about the same.

Yes, in most cases tickets purchased through us can be upgraded, but some special/ negotiated fare / bulk fare might not qualify for the same facility. uses the same real-time database used by travel agents worldwide. It reflects actual price of the ticket on availability. Most airlines only offer a few seats at low price bracket and upgrade the price list once those seats get sold. We make our best efforts to display the best deals for you.

Sometime the price difference can also be caused by technical issues. In that case, clicking on the select button will refresh the price list.

If you are facing difficulties through our system send us an email at with your travel details or call on 866-860-2929. One of our professional travel consultants will assist you.

Payment FAQ’S

Credit cards issued by Master Card, Visa and American Express are universally accepted while some airlines have restricted usage of Discover Card. If you intend to make payment for your ticket, booked through us, using your credit card please check with one of our friendly travel consultants for the same.

You can pay through your credit card while booking online but remember that we don’t accept credit card payment for African nations and also any third-party payment. All credit cards must have a verifiable billing address as tickets and itinerary will be sent to the address mentioned in the card.

Internet frauds are on a rise. To protect interest of our customers and to confirm that the person buying the ticket is actually the same person who they claim to be we have placed several check methods.  We realize the inconvenience these cause and create extra work for everyone involved but this is for your best interest.

Your card will be debited as soon as your ticket is issued, i.e. immediately after you make air ticket purchase on Amcan software.

For declined credit cards we notify the customer immediately about it to avoid any inconvenience. You can give us an alternative card detail or opt for different means of payment like – check or postal money order. Kindly note that your ticket will not be issued till your card is charged. Your reservation would stand cancelled and you’d need to make a new reservation with new card details. Booking would depend upon availability.

Sometimes we break the total charge into several different charges against your credit card. You are not subjected, under any circumstances, to pay more than you have agreed to.

As per company norms you’ll be charged against one credit card only. But if you want to split the total amount between multiple credit cards please call our customer care number 866-860-2929 or email us on for assistance. Please note, we don’t permit usage of third-party credit cards in such cases.

If you have received a call from one of our travel consultants it may be because you have booked a ticket through us or someone else has booked it using your credit card details. We need to obtain your consent before issuing your ticket. We request that that you fill-in credit card authorization form and fax it to 000-000-0000.

This can happen sometime because of system error. If such a situation occurs you would normally receive a refund within 72 hours. We suggest that you send us an email at with your credit card details and reference of your reservation number. One of our consultants will help you in processing refund. It will be reflected on your credit card statement.

Your reservation isn’t confirmed until paid in full. Regardless of when your traveling date is all tickets must be paid in full in advance.

Of course you can but while doing so please mention your name as a contact person so that you can receive the verification calls.

Yes, you can. To curb chances of internet fraud, however, we need you to fax us completed Credit Card Authorization Form along with both side Xerox of your credit card and an acceptable photo id proof (such as- driver’s license or passport). Fax all your documents to 302-397-2914.

For customers willing to pay in check or cash may contact our customer care desk on 866-860-2929 for help or email us on

General FAQ’S

We offer special discounted rates on bulk purchase of tickets. To avail group discount kindly contact our group fare desk at 866-860-2929 or email us at One of our representatives will assist you.

Child and infant rates, as applicable, is allowed on international tickets.

As a promise to offer best deals to our customers our rates are already discounted and lower than bereavement fares/student fares/senior discounted fare offered by the airlines.

We strive to offer the best discounted deals to our customers on most major airlines for destinations across the globe. Upto 50%-60%  discount is offered on regular business/first class fares offered. Contact our customer care desk or send us an email at to avail our offers.

Luggage policies vary from airline to airline, as well on origin and destination. You can check detailed baggage policy of an airline from baggage policy link on our homepage.

If you fail to turn up it will be considered as No-Show in which case almost always the entire value of the ticket is forfeited. However, some airlines may allow you to fly stand-by on that same day. This is solely airline’s internal policy and discretion.

Normally if such a situation arises it is the airline’s responsibility to find alternative options to help you reach your destination. In this case we suggest you to contact the airline directly.

It may take 6-8 hours for the refund to get reflected in your credit card account. However, in some cases, such as in case of lost ticket, it may take longer.

Privacy & Security

We are very serious about protecting your privacy while transacting online. All transactions and credit card information posted on Amcan’s website is encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology so that no unauthorized individual can view or access your information while its transmitted on the internet. We ensure that your card information when shared with us remains with us only and not get retransmitted.

Personal data shared by you is used in enhancing our service quality by understanding your particular requirements or to make your reservations for hotels, cars, and airlines. But we ensure that we don’t modify, distribute, copy or redistribute any of your personal information. We, as a member of American Society of Travel Agents, strictly adhere to the policies outlined by the conglomeration.

For domestic transits, please carry with yourself boarding pass, a valid Government or state issued photo ID proof, and a copy of your itinerary.

For international flights you must carry with you valid passport and visa for destination country and countries in transit (if applicable), along with copy of your e-ticket and itinerary or printed ticket.

It is your responsibility to obtain valid visa for all the countries that you intend to visit. You can get details about visa requirements directly from airline’s office. Click on the link for airline phone directory here.

In case you need assistance during traveling contact the airline or the service provider in the city/country where you are at that time.

You wouldn’t need a new ticket but we suggest that you contact the airline directly to get your doubts cleared as soon as there is a change in itinerary.