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From the amazing mouthwatering food to the brilliant ambiance of welcoming locals and beautiful temples, it’s almost impossible to not fall in love with Thailand.

No matter what you plan on doing for your vacation or what peaks your interest, there’s always something for everyone in Thailand.

And when it comes to maximizing your budget in Thailand, every dollar counts. A dollar in Thailand could buy you a beer or some cheap fashion apparel, or even a ride on a Tuk Tuk. So instead of wasting most of your budget before you even get there due to expensive plane tickets to Thailand, take advantage of FareDepot’s insane airfare prices on cheap flights to Thailand all year around?

Here at FareDepot, our team is filled with vibrant young travelers who have had the opportunity to work with some of the top travel agencies in the world. Realizing the major defect of non cost-effective flights in favor of the traveler, we decided to create a whole new company with one aim and only aim only - to provide very cheap international flights for everyone.

We want to make traveling as easy and as affordable as possible no matter what your background is and no matter what your financial situation may be. We’ve been in your shoes and we understand what it feels like to be an enthusiastic travel with a budget at hand.

Take advantage of our cheap flights to Thailand today as we backup all of our international flights deals with a lowest fare. 

FareDepot has created a foundation focused on providing the best travel opportunities for all travel enthusiasts and we work toward helping people just like you make the most out of their travel budget by spending more on things that matter to you the most. 

With our cheap flights to Thailand, we’ve made it possible for you to truly enjoy your travel experience no matter when you decide to go be it peak season or off-peak season. Leave it to our team of travel experts to find you the best international flight deals no matter where you want to go for your next vacation.

Top International Airlines Partnerships

How do we make it all possible?

FareDepot is partnered with the majority of the top airline companies internationally for hundreds of different routes and travel destinations. With this partnership, we’re able to negotiate exclusive international flight deals for all of our customers at the best prices.

Whether you’re hoping to travel in style with first class flights, business class flights, or even save more by traveling economy class flights, our cheap flights to Thailand will help you secure the best prices online. For those who have postponed their flight booking schedules to a little later and are scurrying for some cheap last minute flights deals online, we’ve also got your back with our lowest fare on all flights no matter how much of a hurry you may be in!

Take advantage of this opportunity to explore and venture the wonderful world of Thailand as you’re able to save more on your plane tickets to Thailand by simply choosing FareDepot to help you make that journey that much more worthwhile!

Why Thailand Should be Your Travel Getaway

We’re sure you’ve heard of the amazing stories Thailand has to offer. From crazy fun nights in Bangkok to the amazing resorts and islands, it’s one of those ‘must-visit” destinations for travel enthusiasts.

For those who are a little more adventures and seek the thrills and explorations of wandering around jungles, Chiang Rai located in Northern Thailand is the place for you. It’s a lesser commercial vibe which means that you’ll truly absorb the environment as how it was intended and who knows, you might even catch a glimpse of a wild Asian tiger in the jungle! 

Looking for temples to expand both your spiritual and cultural side? Chiang Mai is the place for you. With over 500 temples in honor of Buddha, Chiang Mai is often referred to as the Northern Capital of Thailand 

If you’re just hoping to shop until you drop, Bangkok is literally the place to be with shopping outlets ranging from luxury retailers to extremely cheap market items that sell apparel for as cheap as $2! Another great place to shop is Hatyai where you’ll find malls and malls of retail outlets filled with shops that sell clothes and just about anything you could think of for extremely cheap. Don’t forget to practice your negotiating powers as you’ll definitely have to broker your way for an even better deal! 

And if you just want to relax and take a break from the crazy hustle and bustle and really want your vacation to be all about peace, serenity, and chilling out, head towards Southern Thailand where the islands and beaches are aplenty. Your island getaways include Phuket Island (with Kata, Nai Harn, Kamala, and Surin being the best beaches in Phuket) and Krabi Island (with Phi Phi Islands and Koh Lanta offering luxury along sun kissed shores). 

At FareDepot, we make it possible for you to experience all the amazing opportunities in Thailand with our cheap flights to Thailand from USA or anywhere else in the world. Our budget fares on the best prices on all plane tickets to Thailand helps you save every buck that could be spent in a better place!

Our Phone Only Deals

With a top notch customer support team who are always ready to help you when you need them, we’ve made it easier and cheaper to book with FareDepot.

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