10 Best Cities for Expats to Live In

In our present world, globalization has had its tremendous impact. Geographical restrictions do not stop anyone from landing their dream jobs anymore. But with the posts in faraway places comes the prospect of moving to new places and a whole new life. It is at times terrifying but at the same time exciting.

To make things easier, these days many multinational companies offer expat packages that help you remove much easier. With these options, it gets a little tricky to choose the right place for you to move to. Thankfully, Mercer, a global consulting firm did their work and released the annual index of quality of lives of expats in the world. Taking into account a number of factors such as economic conditions, safety, public services, political environment and recreation, the list has consolidated the best cities for expats to live in. So take a look at the names before you make your big move.


10 (tie). Sydney Australia

Sydney AustraliaAustralia is not just a place for tourists and architectural landmarks. The long summers alone makes everyone want to book cheap flights to Sydney Australia. Now it is a place high on demand by expats also. With strong financial policies, the city has been growing rapidly for quite a while. The Australian universities are welcoming students to join their institutions making it much easier to land a job and settle in Australia.

Sydney is a prime city where you can find a huge expat population. Cosmopolitan, safe and welcoming Sydney Australia has very good options for an expat to settle down comfortably.  

10 (tie). Basel Switzerland

Basel Switzerland

Switzerland is proving to be much more than just mountains and skiing trips. Apart from being incredibly beautiful, Switzerland offers a comfortable lifestyle also to the expats. The city on the banks of Rhine river Basel, would not come across your mind as a place for an expat with its first look. But the city has been tied with Sydney as tenth on the list.

Basel Switzerland has been considered the best city of culture there. The world-renowned Basel Art Museum and other famous landmarks are an example of that. This makes Basel a very welcoming place for different cultures. Basel is also at the intersection of Switzerland, and Germany. This makes it a point of mixed cultural and linguistic influences. Even if you do not want to live there, you might want to book your cheap flights to Basel right away for your holiday.


9. Copenhagen Denmark

Copenhagen Denmark

It is no wonder that this Scandinavian country has a place on this list right. Copenhagen Denmark has been financially sound and has been providing quality life to its residents with a high median income.

Yes, it comes with its demerits. The city is expensive, but you don't actually need a ton lot of money to live there. And if you are moving there for a while, you will be comfortable in the long run. Copenhagen Denmark is charming by itself. The city's infrastructure makes it very pedestrian and bike-friendly in the world. There is no doubt that you will fall in love with this city whether you come here for a visit or to stay.


8. Geneva Switzerland

Geneva Switzerland

In spite of being one of the world most expensive cities, Geneva has enough to offer to be on this list. For starters, if the city is expensive, the quality of life is that good. Geneva Switzerland provides a comfortable lifestyle that makes the expats book their cheap flights to Geneva and settle there for good. With quality education systems and plans, the city is preferred a lot by the families. For single people, the beauty alone is a huge factor.


With many multinational companies setting up their branches in Geneva, the city has been attracting a lot of expats. The presence of a number of United Nations agencies has also contributed to it. Now, Geneva Switzerland is home to people from 180 different countries of the world.

7. Frankfurt Germany

Frankfurt GermanyAs the most prominent financial center in continental Europe, Frankfurt is a city where a lot of expats are attracted to for business opportunities. The new modern urban cityscape blends perfectly with the cobblestone pathways and old cafes, making it a place to call home by both the Bohemian and the banker. People who come to work here, rarely leave. With such a huge expat population, you will surely find your place in the community to gel with.

Frankfurt Germany is one of the busiest airports in Europe. So if you are considering a move don't forget to find your cheap flights to Frankfurt much ahead.

6. Düsseldorf Germany

Dusseldorf Germany

As the economic powerhouse, Düsseldorf Germany has been one of the wealthiest cities in Germany. This German city is also a cultural trendsetter, with a high fashion and technological revolution.

These are the very same reasons that get Düsseldorf, Germany a place in the list. These tags open up opportunities to highly talented people all around the world to get on cheap flights to Dusseldorf to move here and try their luck. The expats have contributed a lot to the growth of the city, and the city honestly acknowledges that. The city is vibrant and embraces expats.

Not to mention the amazing Christmas markets! Check out this post to discover how awesome the Dusseldorf Christmas Market is and why you simply must not miss it!

5. Vancouver Canada

Vancouver Canada

The Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has been very vocal about how Canada embraces foreigners and their cultures. And some of us has actually been inspired to get our cheap flights to Vancouver and move to Canada. So not so surprisingly, Vancouver Canada, is the only North American city to make this list.

The locals in Canada are very polite and welcoming and will make you feel at home very easily. Vancouver is a perfectly balanced city with its buzzing city life and well maintained natural environment.

The expats there love the place and tend to settle with their family for the long run. The family-friendly policies and happy welcoming Canadians make this city land on the top 5 of this list.

4. Munich Germany

Munich Germany

Yes, another city of Germany is there on this list. It seems like Germany has been attracting a lot of expats recently.  Munich Germany is a thriving city with a busy life and a home to many expats over the years.

Already being a popular tourist destination, Munich has plenty of entertainment options for everyone. Also having some world-class companies and a thriving arts scene has been making it an ideal place for people to settle in.


Booking cheap flights to Munich and spending a weekend might give you a glimpse of what the life would be. If already lured in,  you could seriously consider your potions of moving here.

3. Auckland New Zealand

Auckland New ZealandYou could move to Auckland just for the love of oceans. After all, it is the best coastal city in the world. Auckland New Zealand is all about embracing nature. Apparently, the city has also been good to expats. Positioned three in this list, Auckland is highly sought after by expats as a place to live in.

A well-developed economy and an excellent public transportation system have contributed to factors other than just the fact that the well-educated population is really welcoming. The healthcare system in Auckland has also been reported to be very reliable. The culture is varied and truly respects the variations. You will not be feeling Iike an outside here for sure.

2. Zurich Switzerland

Zurich Switzerland

It looks like the easier thing would be just to add all cities of Switzerland in this list. Zurich is not only the economic hub of Switzerland but also a haven for young creatives That also means the city has everything that appeals t them. The city is nothing but efficient in every way.

Starting from the location to the aspect of breathtaking beauty Zurich Switzerland is indeed a very popular place among expats. A general piñon is that there is more to the city than what meets the eye. Lastly, you might discover new sports or cafes to spend the after work hours.

The city is so clean that the public infrastructure is very well maintained. If that is not enough, there is the beautiful Limmat River that runs right through the city center. Zurich is one o those places you might want to go and explore, and you will be convinced that it is indeed a right place for expats. So find your cheap flights to Zurich and go for a holiday.

1. Vienna Austria

Vienna Austria

Vienna Austria has been consistent in being the best places for expats to live in. The Austrian capital has the perfect balance of quality life with enough of everything; adventure, affordability, and safety.

The city has its own rich history and culture, and it accepts different traditions just as equally. The Government has been putting in a lot of efforts to better the city in every single way possible. It’s near to perfect infrastructure, and public facilities are proof of that. Also, with a lot of resources being put in creating affordable housing for everyone, the city is attracting more and more people to over there. The cost of living is also much affordable compared to other European cities. Nonetheless, the city has enough of architectural landmarks and beauty of its own to attract everyone.


If you have been considering your options to move somewhere else to start afresh, hopefully, this list would have helped you with that. Whatever the reasons are, it is still always better to go to the city and explore it a little it before you start packing for a move. Everyone will have their own personal preferences and responsibilities when it comes to settling in as an expat.

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