Explore the World with These 10 Best Places for Couple Traveling

There are those who love traveling solo and with a company. But taking a trip with your loved one and having fun with little things; that experience is a truly irreplaceable one. The memories you build together will strengthen your relationship in many ways. From romantic getaways to adventure spots, here are the best 10 places for all kinds of couples.

10. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is the blend of Latin passion and the European enchantment in one bottle. The streets are lined with colorful buildings and architecture that reminds you of French and Italian grandeur with the charm of South America. The cuisine is brilliant ranging from Parrillas to late night dessert shops selling dulce de leche. Book your cheap flights to Argentina, and you are sure to enjoy walking hand in hand along the narrow streets with an ice cream cone and hitting the nightclubs for a tango.


9. Iceland


From the blue lagoon to the mountain vistas, Iceland would be a nature-inspired getaway. Couples book cheap flights to Iceland to spend time together camping under the starry night or take a swim in the hot springs, and there are many other things you would enjoy as a couple in Iceland. Even if it is a long drive along the curves of the pretty landscapes or chasing waterfalls, Iceland's beauty will give your sweet moments to cherish.

8. Portugal


Take a food tour to Portugal, and you will get a lot more as a bonus. It is also one of the most affordable countries in Europe for westerners. Take cheap flights to Portugal to take your partner on a date to the Kopke Wine House for chocolate or to try the renowned Pastéis de Bélem. There are also many wine estates and beautiful lakes in Portugal that is perfect for romantic getaways.

7. Cartagena, Colombia


Cobblestone and colonial architecture always rhyme with romance. Add beaches to that, and there you have a classic setting for a couple traveling. Get on cheap flights to Colombia to reach this Carribean beauty of Cartagena. There are plenty of things you can enjoy there as a couple from watching spectacular sunsets on the beach, taking sensual salsa lessons to taking a horse carriage ride along the alleys, Cartagena has more of romantic ideas than you would expect You could even pop your question there, in a romantic boutique hotel or by the beach.

6. Amsterdam, The Netherlands


There are a plethora of options for a couple to enjoy in Amsterdam. Take a boat ride through the canal, do a photoshoot in front of the many beautiful houses, visit the windmills or take a day trip to the Keukenhof Gardens. If you love to learn about the culture, there are enough museums to keep you occupied for a week. And then, for the party lovers among you, there is no other place better than Amsterdam to enjoy a night out.

5. Thailand


Thailand has very diverse options for everyone. If you take cheap flights to Thailand, Bangkok will welcome you with its buzzing streets and delicious street food. The nightlife in the city is quite famous too. But get on to travel inside the country to see the spectacular landscape of paddy fields and mountain peaks. The temples of Thailand like the Chiang Rai are a treat to the eyes. The islands, on the other hand, are beautiful havens perfect for scuba diving.  A visit to Thailand is very cheap, and you can find luxury stays for a very affordable place.

4. New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana

Any trip to New Orleans will start with a walk in the romantic French Quarter and end in a Jazz club. New Orleans has been romanticized for a long time. The city has exclusive packages for couples including romantic dinners, carriage rides, and spa treatments. If you are not the kind who wants to get a package, you will find enough places there for entertainment. Search for cheap flights to New Orleans if your couple getaway includes lazy days with good food and fun party time at night.

3. Jordan


Jordan might not seem like a romantic destination in the first glimpse. But if you and your partner love outdoor adventure sports, then Jordan might be just right for you. You could spend days hiking to the ruins of the ancient Petra and soak your aches away at the hot springs. Head to the northern Jordan to enjoy the quiet towns and stunning views of the Jordan valley. With history and scenery going side by side, cheap flights to Jordan for a couple traveling is not a bad idea.

2. South Africa

South Africa

South African safaris could be romantic if you choose the right place to stay. There are many camps surrounded by stunning landscapes where you can wake up to the chirping of birds and even roars of the wild. These luxury tents are even made of canvas to give you the feeling of camping out yet they come with luxury at its best and spa treatments amidst the forest would clearly be reinvigorating for anyone.  Then there is also the excitement of spotting the wild animals and enjoying the raw beauty of the rugged landscape. Aren't these enough reasons to get cheap flights to South Africa.

1. South Island, New Zealand

South Island, New Zealand

Take your cheap flights to New Zealand head over to the paradise of South Island. Any couple would love a retreat to this beautiful land of lakes and glaciers. There are many outdoor activities like rafting and kayaking that lets you explore the serene waters. You could even take helicopters to fly over the glaciers and even spot whales. From top to bottom, the diversity of the place will astonish you. New Zealand is for you if you would like to do bungee jumping and scream your lungs out with your partner.


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