10 Best Places to Travel Alone For Everybody

Every time we plan a family holiday or a trip with friends, it often comes with quite a fair bit of drama and confusion. And in all those moments, you probably have thought to yourself how much better it would be to travel alone.

And those who have had the courage and confidence to do that, says everyone should do it at least once in their lives. Traveling solo helps you in a lot of ways. It makes you confident, makes you deal with your worst fears and makes you come to peace with yourself. It is endearing empowering and enlightening.

Of course, for the first times, it is little scary and daunting. But there are few places you would absolutely love on your solo trips. Check out these best places to travel alone and make a note before you give up on thoughts of traveling alone.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is just what you need to get away from the daily buzz of work life. It is truly an oasis. If you love nature, this is a haven for you. You can just be lazy and find shelter under a tree and spend your entire holiday. Or you could experience wildlife here. There are a ton of things you could do when you decide to go off the grid. Costa Rica hiking in rainforests, swimming and bathing in hot springs and even taking a leisure walk in the quite dense of the forest. It is precisely when you would feel going MIA is totally worth it. Once you book your cheap flights to Costa Rica, make sure you get a map and switch off all electronic devices before you board the flight.



With mountains and valleys, soft grass and clods, Iceland are now becoming a popular travel destination. These days there is an increasing number of searches for cheap flights to Iceland. Every hotel goes you a stunning view of the landscape ahead. You could rent a car or get a bike and explore this vast magical land. If you want to wake up and look at the rising sun behind the mountains, you could go camping. Or you could go swimming in the blue lagoon Iceland. Iceland has many travel organizers that people vouch for. So in case you get paranoid, you could always get in touch with one of their solo travelers' program.

Genoa Italy

?Genoa Italy

If you want an Italian summer, but a different scene to Rome and Venice, Genoa Italy is the where you should go when you book your cheap flights to Italy.  This Mediterranean port city of Italy is a bustling city being the twelfth busiest port in the European Union. Nicknamed “La Superba” or the proud one for its glorious landmarks and history, the place is an excellent choice for solo travelers. Its meandering streets and stone wall houses make you wander around like a child in awe. People who have already traveled solo through Italy says that it is one of the best places to go alone. Strangers even invite you to dine with them, if they see you eating alone in a restaurant. With so much kindness and hospitality may be this where you should start your adventure to travel alone.

New Orleans

?New OrleansThe jazz vibes and nightclubs have always attracted people to New Orleans. Surprisingly, New Orleans is also a beautiful place to travel alone. The locals are so welcoming that they would practically plan out the whole trip for you. You can certainly explore the city the old-fashioned way. You can switch off your phones and ask anyone for directions. The locals are so proud of their town and guide the tourists perfectly well. The bartenders are friendly and can lay out an itinerary for you. It is just perfect to stay and listen to the smooth jazz till they close up. You get so accustomed to them that you will indeed feel like at home.



Nobody needs an introduction to Paris; it is the city of lights, romance and ultimately beauty. But Paris is a place you should visit alone for once. On a perfect summer day in Paris, you could wake up and dress up and start walking. If you are not so keen on exploring the city on foot, the Parisian metro will take you to any part of the city and is pretty easy to understand.  You could spend all the day walking in Paris streets, The neighborhoods of Marais Paris and still not get enough. You could stop for a coffee or get a macaroon and stare at the Eiffel Tower or Louvre. And none of these require a company. You will be perfectly fine with yourself, and you can see the city at your pace. It is a remarkable experience to enjoy the city of Paris by yourself walking along the Seine, especially at night. You do not necessarily need to speak French to enjoy Paris. All you need to do is smile at the Parisians and say bonjour. So start searching for your cheap flights to Paris already.  



Finland is one of the safest places for traveling solo, even for women. It is a highly hospitable place with a lot of things to see and experience. The delicious Finnish cuisine is just a bonus. Choose the winter months to book your cheap flights to Finland. That way you can cherish the winter alone watching the bedazzling northern lights Finland has to offer, rather than hibernating at home with Netflix. The place is a winter wonderland that you could enjoy with company or solo equally.


JapanJapan has always been a popular destination among solo travelers. After all the ramen counters are well designed for people to eat alone. You could go to the small villages and watch cherry blossoms and slurp the noodles all you want at your comfort and will. There is spicy, healthy food everywhere, and you can eat all the sushi you want without anyone judging you. The cultural difference might make you feel weird at first. But it is just another perk and aspect when you travel alone. Once you book your cheap flights to Japan, you could figure out the ways to go to places like Kyoto or Osaka.  The transport network is of high quality that you will be totally fine without any company or help.

Check out our blog post on when you should visit Japan or how to get around Japan without speaking Japanese!


St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands

This destination might require you to get comfortable with traveling solo first. St Johns is a beautiful place with a fair share of natural park and wild areas. Snorkeling at the Virgin Islands Coral Reef Monument and a self-guided hike along the Cinnamon Bay Beach trail are among the activities you shouldn't miss. Also, take a lesson in horseback riding to try your luck there. The beaches are clean and beautiful, and you could relax all day at the Trunk bay, The place is suitable for those who want to go off the grid for a while to enjoy nature. There are beautiful bays for you to swim and let go off all the steam. A solo trip to St. John will be a very blissful experience for anyone.



You will fall in love with Argentina for everything it has to offer. The people are accommodating and kind. The landscapes are gorgeous to look at and drive through. Glorious views of mountains ahead and the clouds above are awe-inspiring. The lake district in Argentina gives you a little bit of Switzerland, Germany – and Wales. It is a place you can encounter beauty being alone and at peace. While booking cheap flights to Argentina, you should also consider the smaller towns in northern Argentina.


Sarasota, FL

Sarasota, FL

Florida is a fabulous holiday spot. The city of Sarasota is yet another laid-back place suitable for solo travelers. `It is so blissful to go boating through the mangroves or explore the wildlife. You could also garb on one of the tours through the natural parks. The locals are very, and it is indeed a small little place for you to savor in your presence. While finding cheap flights to Florida, also pick on the route to Sarasota.

There is a thrill that comes with traveling alone. Along with encounters with a new place, people, and culture, it also encourages you to face unfamiliar things with courage and confidence. But the feeling of satisfaction you get when you cross each hurdle is totally worth all the paranoia and hesitation you have in the beginning. So if you are already tired of trying to make plans work with your friends or family, it's high time you embark on an adventure on your own. This way, you don't have to wait for anyone, wake up early for anyone to even roll your eyes at anyone.

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