10 Best Restaurants in Singapore - A Dine You Won't Forget!

10 Best Restaurants in Singapore - A Dine You Won't Forget!

The Asian cuisine alone is enough for us to fly out to Singapore. But this food-obsessed island has a restaurant one every block for almost all kind of food varieties of the world. You could spend your entire trip exploring the street food options and dining at world-class restaurants.

In such a place, it is challenging to recommend a handful when there are so many choices on where to eat in Singapore. However, we would still suggest you check out these best restaurants in Singapore on your trip there.


1. Candlenut Singapore

Singapore CandlenutCandlenut is proof that the Singaporean chef Malcolm Lee is exceptionally proud of his Peranakan heritage. Using his culinary training to elevate the indigenous flavors to modern renditions of Straits Chinese dishes, the restaurant has created quite some buzz. Many dishes at Candlenut Singapore are based on family recipes passed through generations such as "yeye" (grandfather's) curry served with fried pastry cups. The delicacies such as bakwan kepiting, a dish with crab, pork balls and bamboo shoots in chicken broth and Buah keluak are the Candlenut Singapore specialties.

2. Bam! Singapore

Bam! SingaporeFor those who are not big fans of Asian methods but still like the flavors, Bam! Is for you. Here Pepe Moncayo plays with Japanese produce to pair it with western techniques to create a perfect blend; the result is quite yummy, The menu is different every day and is very creative. Few highlights in the recent menus include fried cod maw, and chilled somen served with almonds and grapes. Bam! is especially famous for its sake pairing with the food.

3. Folklore

Folklore SingaporeAnother one for the traditional Peranakan cuisine, Folklore celebrates the Eurasian cuisine. The rare old-school dishes such as singgang (shredded wolf herring cooked in spices)and hati babi bungkus (pig's hearts wrapped in minced pork and caul) are not found anywhere else in Singapore. The key factor is that the chef Damian D'Silva continues to make the dishes the old and traditional way, which makes it even more appealing and close to home cooking.

4. Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck

Imperial Peking Duck SingaporeTrue to its name, the Peking duck — sliced tableside is indeed an imperial treasure. It is one of the best places to find one in town. The Peking duck is exceptional to look at and to eat. First, The paper thin skin is served with sugar for, and then comes the luscious duck slices. The rest goes back and will be prepared according to your taste to noodles, rice or made into broth. It is always better to book to advance here.

5. Hajah Maimunah

Hajah MaimunahHajah Maimunah is very popular for its Nasi Padang. It just means, there will be precooked dishes displayed in a counter, that is still hot. You could choose what you want in an individual or sharing style. The food options will include varieties of rice and at least 30 different dishes of Malaysia and Indonesia. It is a casual diner serving delicious food. Our favorites here are sayur lodeh (cabbage, carrots, and green beans stewed in spicy coconut gravy), beef rendang, a beef recipe braised in a blend of chiles,  lemongrass, onions, and coconut milk), and grilled chicken.

6. Penang Seafood Restaurant

There is no shortage of seafood in Singapore, and Penang seafood restaurant makes maximum use of it. This Malaysian-style Chinese restaurant offers excellent finger licking good seafood varieties for sharing. The food might not be that good for your arteries, but your dietary controls will have to wait for your duration in Singapore. The wheat noodles, the hit and spicy garoupa and the fermented pork belly are a few among the must-try items on the menu.


7. Wild Rocket Singapore

Wild Rocket Singapore

Resembling a Japanese teahouse, Wild Rocket Singapore has a tranquil yet vibrant ambiance. The blond wood furnishings and filigreed slats add a traditional touch to the atmosphere. Chef Willin Low serves classic Singaporean dishes inspired from his childhood in the 70s and 80s. One story, in particular, is his creative dessert made of pineapple is inspired by his memories of pineapple sold by street peddlers on the bicycle,

8. Meta Singapore

Meta SingaporeThis is a place where everything is one point. This is one place where the kitchen is the focal point. You will get to see the artists work at a precision of drill team. They interact and explain what they are doing kindly to the customers. The service is unobtrusive and impeccable. The entire team is very dynamic and works hard to make the Meta experience a wonderful one for you. And the food is packed full of flavor with fresh ingredients and inventive pairings. Chef Sun Kim has indeed created a masterpiece of a restaurant here.

9. Cure Singapore

Cure SingaporeIrish chef Andrew Walsh has much to show you from his experience working under world-renowned chefs like Jason Atherton. Bringing the modern European cuisine to Singapore, Cure Singapore explores flavors from his Irish heritage. His signature snack is sourdough served with whiskey-brined preserved cabbage and bacon butter. Other stand out dishes are foie gras mousse torched to resemble creme brûlée and beef tartare spiked with oysters and oyster leaves.

10. Les Amis Singapore

Les Amis Singapore

For French and Spanish classics, Les Amis is the best in Singapore. The restaurant serves reinterpretations of Robuchon classics such as ketchup-heavy beef tartare garnished with edible flowers or langoustine tucked within crisp, paper-thin pastry. Les Amis Singapore also has some original Chef ideas like stuffed baby squid to taste.


This list of the best restaurants in Singapore still hasn't covered a lot more the city has to offer. It is advised to not just stick on to lists but also just to walk around and find a good restaurant. But when you consider what to eat in Singapore, do not miss the street food vendors.

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