10 Best Road Trips in the World

10 Best Road Trips in the World

Calling shotgun, singing in chorus, constant teasing, sleeping and drooling on your friends’ shoulders; a road trip is all about fun. With all these, it is almost like the destination doesn't even matter. But there are few stunning roadways to add to the perks of road trips. So fuel up your car and pack up the snacks, here is the list of best road trips in the world.

1. Slovenia


For a pretty little country, the streets of Slovenia are flanked by medieval architecture, cafes and breathtaking sceneries. Before hopping on the car you might want to stroll around the charming capital of  Ljubljana. The city is lined with cobblestone streets and breathes Baroque architecture. Once you leave the town, it’s all vineyards, lakes, and grazelands. You will come across cheese farms and castles frequently. At every turn, you can encounter a fifteenth-century village or a craggy karst canyon for a pitstop. Head out to the UNESCO inscribed Skocjan Caves to the Southwest of Ljubljana.

2. Yucatan Peninsula Mexico

Yucatan Peninsula MexicoOnce you book your cheap flights to Mexico, you might want to rent a car. Mexico has come so far from its rugged muddy and dusty roads. Now with better infrastructure and rentals, aided by your mobile GPS, it is back on the radar. On a  drive from Cancún to Playa del Carmen, you will come across beautiful landscapes and stunning towns.

3. Highway 101 Oregon

Highway 101 OregonHighways are always best for long smooth drives. Highway 101 Oregon is no less to put on a show. Flanked by state parks and beaches, the ride is a long one. But there are fascinating detours you could take. On the way explore famous Oregon landmarks such as haystack Rock Oregon also known as Goonies rock. This sea stack stands at the height of 235 feet from the sea level. Don't forget to stop at the wine country as well.

4. Namibia Desert

Namibia Desert

From the red dunes to green African planes, a road trip in Namibia desert will remind you of those old fashioned drives. You should plan your drive correctly as there is something for everyone. There are historical stops, wildlife watching or cultural exploration as options. Get your cheap flights to South Africa and Start from Windhoek, camping at the Sesriem and continue to Henties Bay. Get to the Etosha National Park and head back to Windhoek to finish where you started, throughout the trip, the exotic dessert awaits you with its rare flora and fauna.

5. Hana Highway Hawaii

Hana Highway HawaiiHana highway is a legendary 64 mile stretch across the northwestern coast of Maui. With 600 bends and more than 50 wait your turn bridges, this highway will improve your patience to a high level. But it is rewarded entirely with thick jungles, plunging cool waterfalls. Coastal cliffs and Panoramic views of the Pacific ocean. You could stop for a hike or swim before you hit the road again.

6. Route 66 United States

Route 66 United States

You might have come across this one in rock songs or movies. The Route 66 road trip has been one hell of an inspiration to artists all along the way. Drive from Chicago to California for 2200 miles, play some classic rock songs (Eagles or Guns and Roses will do), stop for delicious barbecue ribs and you have yourself a good old-fashioned American road trip.

7. Norway

 NorwayThis might be the most awe-inspiring road on the list. The Norwegian Government repurposed many country roads as culture and nature drives, inciting Architects to design hotels on the roadsides. The Geiranger-to-Trollstigen route is favorite among both locals and tourists for the stunning landscapes and camping spots. The Atlantic Ocean road has also been noted for adventurous rides in Norway.

8. Tuscany Italy

Tuscany Italy

For a perfect summer road trip, book your cheap flights to Italy. Start your tour at Florence to reach the Chianti wine region, Savor all the Italian wine and once you are sober drive through the vineyard-dotted landscapes towards the Seine. Take as much time as possible to eat at Italian restaurants and to stay overnight. The final destination is the beautiful countryside of Val d’Orcia in Tuscany. Marvel at the beauty and let out a sigh to an amazing Italian summer you will never forget.


9. ?Iceland


A road trip through Iceland will not spare you even a moment to nod off. The ice-capped mountains and waterfalls will make you stare out the window like a child. Take a week to circle around the country. Explore the Thingvellir National Park and the Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon. Camp out to see the northern lights, and consider buying a house in Iceland to settle permanently there. You could also go for the easier 800-plus-mile Ring Road to finish the drive in a day for namesake if you want. But when you get your cheap flights to Iceland, you might want to stay longer and take in the maximum.

10. Romantic Road Germany

Romantic Road GermanyThe name itself gives a hint. The road was built after WWII to attract more tourists to Germany.

The route winds through medieval towns and beautiful gardens and even now remains as romantic as it was when it was built. Stretching over 285 miles, the Romantic road Germany can be covered in many days depending on the time you take to explore and enjoy the villages and local cuisine. We recommend you get your cheap flights to Germany to land in Munich and start your journey from there. Head out to Füssen and Rothenburg and get back to Frankfurt to finish the drive.

Many of us travel only to the capital cities of the destination countries. But the essence of the places lies in the tiny villages and the countryside. A road trip is the best way to explore such hidden treasures.

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