10 Amazing Europe Travel Tips That Will Save You Heaps!

10 Amazing Europe Travel Tips That Will Save You Heaps!

Almost all of us wants to visit Europe at least once in our lifetime. While there are many countries and multiple experiences that awaits us in the continent, the rules of traveling are almost the same throughout. So whether it is a backpacking trip or a luxury vacation, keeping in mind these 10 tips for traveling in Europe would help you have a smooth and enjoyable holiday.


1. Check Visa Requirements

europe visa

It goes without saying how important this is. Passports of many counties allow you to enter the Schengen area without a visa for a short stay. But it is always better to find out which one allows you and which one doesn’t based on your passport. Go through the European Visa requirements carefully for each country before you start planning.

It is also important to see which countries fall under the Schengen region too. If any small country has any particular requirements, it is good to be through with that than to be denied entry.


2. Go for an Off Season Trip

europe winter

European summer is the most famous. But with that comes the crowds and the hike in prices. It is also tough to find accommodation and cheap flights to Europe during that time. The main season starts from mid-June to mid of September. While the summer flowers and weather is quite enjoyable if you are ready to forget sunbathing and put up with the fall breeze, we suggest you get on your European trip during the off season.

This will save you heaps on transportation, accommodation, and even dinner prices. Most of the famous tourist attraction is open year round so you won't be missing out on any must-see spots in many places.

3. Use Budget Airlines

More than a dozen budget airlines are connecting the entire continent of Europe. It is effortless to find cheap flights domestically and within countries on budget flights. It comes even less expensive if you plan ahead and book your tickets a while before.

One thing you might want to note is that while the prices might seem low, many airlines charge you extra for luggage and oversized bags. So compare the prices including all these extras to make sure you don't end up paying more in budget airlines.

4. Travel by Train

europe train travelTo travel in Europe, trains are the most efficient means of transportation. There are trains within the country and those that would take you to different countries now. It is always better to make seat reservations prior to our travel.

You can also get your Eurorail passes for global or few particular countries based on your travel requirements. They have seasonal sales, and all you would need is to reserve a seat. Either way, don't forget to activate and validate your passes before you hop on to any metro or train.

5. Make Reservations in Advance

As mentioned before, making seat reservations before your travel is extremely important. For most trains, a seat reservation is a must to travel in that train. Book in advance to get low prices and plan your itinerary accordingly.

6. Bring Comfortable Shoes to Walk Everywhere

comfy walking shoesOne thing you need to know about Europe is everybody walks, and there are stairs everywhere! Many cities are also best explored on foot. So while you might want to flaunt your legs in high heels, wearing comfortable shoes would be a good decision. And don't think you would be out of fashion; sneakers are very trendy in Europe.

7. Bring a Suitcase You Can Carry

suitcase travelThis one might seem not necessary but indeed is quite valuable as one of  Europe travel tips. Cobblestone streets and beautiful allies might not feel so good if you have to pull your heavy suitcases with you. For your European trip, pack as lightweight as possible. Let's not forget that many buildings don't have elevators; many metro stations are accessible only by stairs and there are extra baggage charges on trains and flights. Now you might understand why people prefer backpacks more than suitcases in Europe.

8. Stay Longer in One Place

Now if you are looking to enjoy the place with all its glory and culture, you have to stay for a while. The tourist attractions are definitely to be visited, sending a day doing nothing but just wandering around the city, and you might come across many interesting aspects which you might not have noticed otherwise.

9. Get Off the Beaten Path

europe countryside

Don’t just stick on to the famous capitals and touristy spots in Europe. All countries have much more to offer both culture wise and in beauty when you get to the less crowded places. You would be able to enjoy the area in peace and more like a local. You can visit the farmer’s markets and taste local products after all isn’t all that that makes a European journey complete.

10. Don’t Plan on Using Credit Cards Everywhere

europe money

Carrying credit cards might be the easiest way, but it is also advised to take some money with you. Having Euros in cash, especially small changes might come in handy in unexpected situations. Also, don't keep all of your money in one place.

Make sure your credit and debit cards are valid internationally and as soon as you enter the continent use it in an ATM to see that it works. If  required, make sure you notify your bank also prior to your travel.


Europe will always have its charm over the entire world with its old buildings and mere appeal. To get the best of it, plan wisely and don't try to visit all places at once. Take your time through each and enjoy it. It is very sure; once you visit this continent, you will surely want to do it again.

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