10 Fun Things to Do in Charleston South Carolina

South Carolina’s Charleston may be small in size, but the city has vast number options of fun things for its visitors.

Charleston has a good share of diverse art scenes, buzzing bars and restaurants, rich history and nearby waters. We have taken a little bit of all these to form the list of fun things to do in Charleston South Carolina. And if you already started planning, find your cheap flights to Charleston SC at FareDepot before you dive into the itinerary.


1. Nathaniel Russell House

nathaniel russell houseThe beautifully restored and preserved mansion takes you back to the old 1800s. The big wrought iron gate with the initials of Nathaniel Russell carved, or the grand staircase is all details that bring strength to this mansion. You can enjoy a guided tour here to learn more about the intricate details of the culture and history of Charleston.


2. Charleston Farmers Market

Charleston Farmers Market

Every place has its own friendly commune farmers market. Charleston Farmers Market takes place at the Marion Square on every Saturday from April to December. On these days, the square springs will life and hassle of friendly locals and farmers proudly selling their best produces like heirloom tomatoes, asparagus and turmeric roots. You will get a glimpse of the South Carolina fare here. Enjoy the cheese spread from the Lowland Farms booth or try the homemade jams by liza from Ambrose Farm. Don't forget to get a photograph of the Angel Oak mounted on canvas or the large handmade baskets from Barbara Manigault as souvenirs to take back home.


3. High Wire Distilling

High Wire DistillingWhen in Charleston you do have to go to one of their many distilleries. High Wire Distilling is the number one choice among them. For one, it is the first distillery in Charleston since the time of Prohibition, second, the ingredients include southern grown grains, heirloom corns and other custom ones that make their collection exclusive. The High Wire Distilling is owned by the couple Scott Blackwell and Ann Marshall, who also has a background in baking. So each distillation is carefully done with culinary approach and expertise.


4. Drayton Hall

 Drayton HallThis building constructed in 1738, has stood tests of time for 300 years to now stand as one of the countries finest examples of Palladian Architecture. Built by John Drayton, the Drayton Hall is located is located in an 18th-century plantation. You will be driving on a sandy road and passing massive old oak trees to reach this monumental building.


5. The Charleston Museum

The Charleston MuseumDon't think that this is yet another old building that plunges into history. The Charleston Museum is a modern structure, with a brick facade and an inner courtyard. The building itself is a beauty to admire. The museum exhibits economic and cultural stories of South Carolina covering World wars, civil war and other calamities that the city has witnessed. The Charleston Museum is definitely worth spending few hours in.


6. Coastal Expeditions

Coastal Expeditions

Charleston has its infinite number of not just beaches but also saltwater marshes. And what better than kayaking to explore them. Rental kayaks are available, or you could get a stand-up paddle to go for guided or without guide tours for enough time to appreciate the natural beauty. If you are lucky, you will be greeted by surfacing dolphins too.


7. Preservation Society of Charleston

Preservation Society of CharlestonThis communal organization is dedicated to the preservation and well being of the historical places of Charleston. But they also have a tasteful store where you can find exquisite collections of art and craft from the city. Each item is handmade with soul put into it. They also have books on the history of the place.

8. Angel Oak Tree

Angel Oak TreeIf a single tree has to be this famous, it indeed should be a unique one. This majestic oak tree has been standing tall for more than 400 years. To understand the sheer size of this tree, here is a clue. The Angel Oak Tree SC can produce a shade that covers 17,200 square feet. Now that is impressive right. Hundreds of tourists visit the places every day to see this mighty tree. You can stroll through the surrounding park and enjoy a picnic on many of the tables under the shade.

9. Sugar Bakeshop

Sugar Bakeshop

When Architects decide to become bakers, it is for sure that the goodies will be true artworks. The Sugar Bakeshop Charleston is the result of the passion of two young architects. This one of a kind bakeshop will welcome you with intoxicating aromas of cookies and pastries and soft mellow jazz playing inside. When in Charleston, this place is one in the must check out list.

10. Mrs. Whaley's Garden

 Mrs. Whaley's GardenCharleston in summer is host to many beautiful gardens, but not all of them are open to the public. You will be lucky to grab tickets for garden festivals and tours to enjoy the blossoms. But Mrs. Emily Whaley’s garden stays open to the public year round for all Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoons. Mrs. Whaley published her musings and inspirations on gardening and life in her conversational memoir the “Mrs. Whaley and Her Charleston Garden.” Published in 1997, the book was a New York Times' bestseller. Twenty years later, tourists still flock to get a glimpse of her magnificent garden. All you have to do is slip a $10 note at the front mail slot and enter the green space for a pleasant stroll.


A trip to Charleston is mostly focused on the beaches and tanning. But the Charleston city also has a considerable history to be followed. Do not forget to explore that side of the South Carolina while you are trying to get the maximum on tour vacation or weekend trip.

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