10 Fun Things to Do in Maldives Island

The Maldives is a trendy honeymoon destination. But don’t think that there are only things that a couple can enjoy on the island. It is indeed a stunning destination for bachelors, families and couples alike.

Despite being small in size, there are a plethora of things that could keep your vacation, even a long one, quite filling. This South Asian Island has recently undergone a tremendous tourism upgrade and opened up its uninhabited island for travelers. Whether you want to have a relaxing beach vacation or a fun-filled energetic adventure holiday, Maldives has the right package for you.

So forget Hawaii and Ibiza, get to this Asian beauty to hop on islands and have the time of your life. Here are the fun things to do in Maldives island and a few other little suggestions that could get you a memorable vacation.

1. Get your Snorkeling Gear On

Snorkeling Gear On in Maldives

Where there are islands, there are stunning underwater surprises to explore. So when it is a group of island, there is no missing this top thing to do in the Maldives. It is almost like a mandatory thing to do in the Maldives, and you sure wouldn’t want to miss this mesmerizing experience anyway. If you are already familiar with snorkeling, you can rent or borrow the gear from your resort and go on underwater explorations yourself. If you need some help, there are also places with guides to offer you some assistance in trying your hands at best snorkeling in Maldives.

2. Pick up the Scuba Diving Lessons

Scuba Diving Lessons

For those who don’t want to stop with snorkeling, there is always going a little more beyond and scuba dive in Maldives. The blue waters of the Maldives are perfect to try out scuba diving for the first-timers. The PADI dive centers offer a variety of lessons over different durations you can pick up while on your stay. You can even do an Open Water Course and get certified before leaving the island.

For those who know what they are doing, make sure you do proper research on the best diving spots on the island.  There are resorts like Kandolhu which has its own coral reef in the property. At such places, you have all the freedom to spend as long as you want without even have to get out on the ocean in a boat.

3. Go For a Day Trip

Go For a Day Trip

Being an island, there are many spots where you can take a day off and have a picnic. If you are staying in a resort, they will have exclusive packages and suggestions that you could try for an excursion. It could be anything from snorkeling in the reefs or watching to cruising around watching the sunset. Day trips to Male to the nearby Islands of Himmafushi, Gulfi, and Huraa are all available with guided tours and chartered boats.

There are also a number of private islands that you could try getting on to. A bit of planning before you head to the Maldives could help you with this. Resorts also offer a day trip to other local islands where you can enjoy a bit more solitude and calm waters.

4. Don’t Hesitate to Add a little Romance

Don’t Hesitate to Add a little Romance

Now, the Maldives being one of the favorites of honeymooners and couples, it is only fair to stress that you should make use of the island’s romantic ambiance to the most. So get a little loose and do something romantic than just trying the touristy things. See if your resort offers private dinners; if so go for a romantic dinner on a beach with some champagne and look at the stars.

Or, hire a boat just for yourself with a captain and rather than with a dozen other tourists and have a special time away in the waters with your partner. You are sure to find many tour operators providing such facilities if you look for.

5. Sky gaze at sunset and Stargaze at Night

Sky gaze at sunset and Stargaze at Night

You are on an island and thus blessed with the best vistas you can ever find to have a proper look at the sky. While on the same page of being romantic, what is better than watching sunsets from the beach right. The chances are you will be finding yourself heading out to watch the sunset every day on the island. And if you have a bottle of wine to accompany you, there is nothing better.

Except, maybe a sparkling sky full of stars. So stay a little longer on the beach and keep a look for the shiny stars. If you are living in a city, you might have even forgotten how a starry night looks like. A walk along the beach at night, listening to the sound of waves and watching the horizon disappear; now that’s what we call a blissful vacation.

6. Pamper your Body at the Spa

Pamper your Body at the Spa

A vacation isn't complete unless you get your body some cooling time too. And getting a full body spa is the ultimate solution to all your aches, sours and the tensed muscles. The Maldives has a few great spas and wellness centers where you can unwind yourself and relax. Your resort might have such packages too, so don’t think twice about treating your body for an entire day.

There are even yoga classes offered by hotels and resorts. It might be just the most spirited way to start your mornings with yoga on the beach.


Try your hands on Cooking

So taking local cooking classes on your vacations is actually becoming a trend. Especially, when it comes to Asia, the fragrance of the spices alone is worth it. Just to put it out there, we are not talking about a full-on cooking course where you will be a chef by the end of it. But probably like half a day or even a days activity of having fun learning cooking.

Most resorts invite many chefs to conduct workshops on a variety of cuisine. You don’t just get to learn and enjoy cooking but also get to taste some genius dishes by these professional chefs. So whether you are an expert or not, you will indeed have a bit different time than just beaches and might be a good break your daily island activities.


Get Adventurous on the Water

So vacations are not just about sitting around and being lazy right. Apart from swimming, snorkeling, and diving, get a bit of adrenalin rush by indulging in the water sports in Maldives. The island has endless options sports on water. You can start with paddle boarding and go your way around kayaking or even catamaran sailing. There are even glass-bottomed boats you can get on in the Maldives. You can look at the marine animals gliding away right under your foot.

You could rent out all the equipment you need. Kayaking around the island with just your fellow travelers will be a lot better than going cruising with many strangers, given that your arms are super strong.

Participate in the Events

The Maldives is primarily a tourist spot. So the main aim here is to entertain the tourists. And it doesn't end with beaches alone. Most bars and restaurants have some kind of live entertainment going on almost every day. Even if it's just a karaoke night, you are sure to have some fun.

The resorts also have pop-up events frequently to keep their guests occupied. Few events have matches and competitions between the staff and guests. You don't have to participate in them to cheer and spread the energy. Even the local communities will host a music show or some fun activity, and you can search online or just take a walk to stumble across something.


Take a break, Netflix and Chill

So you are already on vacation, why do you need a break from that? But you do, maybe more than you realize. Going on vacation means your days are full of doing stuff even if it means just being lazy on the beach. And being on a different time zone and weather might make you more exhausted than you would imagine.

We have just the right remedy for that. Well, it is not that different from what you would do back at home. Get on with just having a movie night with some popcorn and beer or order for room service and a wine bottle to calm your nerves. Most places have free wifi so you will have access to some online streaming too. You will not regret taking a night off to do this during your holidays.


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