The Top 10 Things to do in Alaska

There is no question about the popular opinion that Alaska is one of the most beautiful places on earth. It has cast its magical spell on anyone who has ever visited making them wanting to go back again and again. It is a nature lover’s heaven and a photographers dreamland.

In every corner you look, you will find the beauty of the Alaskan landscapes stupefying you. But it is not just the natural beauty that makes you fall in love with Alaska. The locals will welcome you with open arms, and you will like home there. The quaint little towns and their bed and breakfasts offer services with warm hearts that could beat star hotels.

So if you are planning to set out into the wild, let me tell you the best things to do in Alaska.

1. Denali National Park

Denali National Park in Alaska

Denali National Park is one among the best National Parks of Alaska. The park has many hiking trails that would take you to beautiful meadows and get you some of the most spectacular views of the landscape. If you get a glimpse of Mount Denali Alaska from one of the viewpoints, consider yourself lucky. The Mountain is known for hiding away behind the clouds.

2. Kenai Fjords National Park

Kenai Fjords National Park

The Kenai Fjords National Park Alaska, like the name suggests, has plenty of fjords. The park is mesmerizing in a mystical way. Whether in summer or winter, the scenes are one of the most picturesque in Alaska. The glacier lakes, mountains, and marine life are one of a kind experience. The Park is best explored on a boat tour. The small boats can go deeper into the less accessible parts of fjords and thus makes it even more enjoyable.

3. Climb a Mountain

Flattop Mountain in alaska

Alaska is already stunning from the ground, so imagine how breathtaking it would be from the top of a mountain. The aerial view from a mountaintop would make you feel that the hours of hiking is totally worth it. Mount Denali is one of the popular choices for hiking, But it is indeed a challenging hike. For the moderate hikers, Flattop Mountain in Anchorage would do. The hike will take around 2 to 3 hours, and is just the right amount of toughness level that makes you feel accomplished when you reach the top. And it goes without saying that view from atop is magnificent.

4. Go Fishing

Go Fishing

Alaska is filled with lakes, ponds, rivers, streams and even has its own share of the mighty ocean. So there are more than ample opportunities for those who want to fish. Take a full day or a half day trip to one of the beautiful streams; you could get a local guide too for this. The catch is pretty good but the scenery you will encounter is much more appealing.

5. Go Bear Watching

Go Bear Watching

Some might find bears overbearing or scary. But that is only when they are forced in a zoo and taken away from their natural habitats. In Alaska, they are home and watching bear might prove to be exciting. You might even find them cute feeding off fish. Bear watching is done best by taking a flightseeing tour. It might be a little expensive, but you will see that it is ok to spend on something of a unique experience.

6. Go Watch the Iditarod

Go Watch the Iditarod in alaska

The Iditarod dog race is one of the things you shouldn't miss while in Alaska. It is an integral part of the Alaskan culture, so you would have figured out from seeing the Iditarod Museum. This 1000 mile race of dogs has been happening over 40 years. Sled dogs are bred and groomed for this purposes alone and trained for years to participate in the race.

7. Take an Alaska Cruises

Take an Alaska Cruises

Alaskan cruises are world famous for a reason; they offer one of the most spectacular sceneries you will ever encounter. The coastal scenery along the fjords are stunning. One of the best Alaskan cruise packages is the Inside Passage that goes between the mainland of Southeastern Alaska and its islands. You will be surrounded by dramatic landscapes, stopping in cities Skagway Alaska and Juneau. To save time and cash, it is better to book a one-way cruise.

8. Hike up a Glacier

Hike up a Glacier

The more we look at glaciers, the more majestic they seem to be. But it is extremely difficult to get close to it. If you are taking a flight tour, you might be able to land on it, but not everyone can afford that. The other way is to drive as close as you can and then hike the rest of it. The Exit Glacier Alaska in Seward could be approached this way. There are three tails, with one even with a wheelchair accessible loop of half a mile. The other two are really challenging, but if you are confident, you could give it a try.

9. Ride the Alaska Railroad

Ride the Alaska Railroad

If you want to see as much of Alaska as you can, then taking the Alaska Railroad is an excellent option for you. You could travel around the state, even as south as Seward and to Fairbanks in the North. It is the best alternative than to drive around, The major cities like Anchorage, Talkeetna, Denali are all connected along the way.

10. Rent a Cabin

Rent a Cabin

You are there at Alaska to experience nature as much as you can. And It is incomplete without staying over in the woods in a cabin. No, it is not spooky as it sounds. You can pack your own picnic and camp on a site where you might find some neighbors if you are worried about being alone. But hey, it would totally give you the “Into the wild” experience.

Alaska has the power to blow your mind off just with its beauty. It is, for sure a place that demands a visit once in your lifetime. So when you get a chance, grab it. Book your cheap flights to Alaska at FareDepot under the international flights tab. You are sure to find a few of the internet’s best flight deals there.