10 Top Things to Do in Rome

10 Top Things to Do in Rome

Lost, confused, and wondering what to do in Rome?

Well, what better way to do than to venture around the best Rome attractions to discover the top things to do in Rome Italy! After all, when in Rome, do as the Romans do!

From the eye-opening Colosseum where Gladiators used to fight to the very end to the Roman Forum and Pantheon where the very first inclinations of law and order were born, it’s time to explore the depths of an amazing city.

Brace yourself as we take you on a wonderful journey touching upon the most amazing things to do in Rome.

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1. The Colosseum

Being one of the most well-known Rome attractions of all time, the Colosseum marks its historical symbol of the imperial city of Rome and stands as the largest amphitheater ever built.

It wouldn’t be a real visit to Rome if you do not set your eyes upon the Colosseum. And to boost up your bragging rights among friends and family, make your footsteps known as you wander along the passages of the Colosseum, strolling through an aged defeated stadium which was once sheathed in the finest marble, fueled with energy of the toughest (and bloodiest) gladiators in combat, amplified by the exotic wild creatures such as lions and elephants, and most of all, the roaring and cheering of the Roman crowd.

When visiting the Colosseum, there are audio guides available at rental kiosks. Be sure to check that all the functions work as some gadgets may be impaired from excessive usage.

To avoid the crowd, try arranging your visiting hours to first thing in the morning or as late in the afternoon as possible. Oh, and don’t forget to bring your phone or a camera to snap some memorable pictures of what is now regarded as one of the world’s greatest attractions.


Fascinating Roman Colosseum Facts

  • The Colosseum comprises over 80 different entrances with the ability to accommodate around 50,000 spectators
  • The Arena has a total of 36 trap doors to enhance special effects and increase challenges
  • Festivals held in the Colosseum at times lasted for as long as 100 days
  • Not only was the Colosseum used for gladiator combats, it was also a way for the general public to spectacle over wild and exotic creatures with hunts, mock sea battles, dramas, executions, and re-enactments of Rome’s famous battles.

2. Pantheon

What was once a temple, now a mighty church, the Pantheon is a must visit Rome attraction. With all granite Corinthian columns decorated with colored marble and bronze doors, it is a masterpiece of Roman decorum.

3. The Trevi Fountain

trevi fountain rome

Acting as the world’s most famous fountain, the Trevi fountain stands gloriously with tritons and pegasus all around. The architecture of the Trevi fountain will put you in awe and is a commendable effort that owes a hat’s off salute.

The base of the water glistens with thousands of coins accumulating up to €2000 every week of which are used to fund a local supermarket in aid for the poor and unfortunate. So throw in a coin, make a wish, and know that your money is ultimately going to a charitable cause to help those in need!

Not many tourists know that there are over 2,000 fountains in Rome such as the Quattro Fontane and Triton Fountain. So if you would like to explore more of Rome’s fountains, go ahead and venture away!

4. Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

During the peak days of the Roman Empire, the Roman Forum had always been symbolized as one of the most important meeting places throughout the entire globe. Then filled with temples and street markets placed ironically alongside brothels and congregation places, thousands of spectators would amass to view and participate in countless of political debates as well as criminal trials.

Although the forum no longer stands as grand as it used to in a now slightly neglected state, the ruins of the Roman Forum still bear the historical significance of what once was and is still worth a visit for many newcomers of Rome. Don’t forget to visit the Temple of Caesar close to the Roman Forum as it was built in honor of him after his stabbing in 44 BC.

For those who aren’t familiar with Rome and its surroundings, it may be useful to invest in a good tour guide when trying to explore the Roman Forum due to poor signage and directions.

5. Vatican City: Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museums

With the Vatican City flag held up high, it’s almost impossible to miss the Vatican City which is one of the must-visit places in Rome. After all, it’s actually a standalone country of its own.

Being the smallest country in the world, the existence of the Vatican City is a mindblowing revelation with the strongest Catholic influence worldwide. The Vatican City population is only a mere 840 inhabitants.

It is home to the infamous Sistine Chapel ceiling bearing the Sistine Chapel Creation of Adam as painted by Michelangelo in c. 1508 - 1512. If you want to take in the beautiful view of Michelangelo’s masterpiece, be sure to avoid peak hours and visiting seasons such as late mornings, early afternoons, summertime, and school holidays.

The best times to avoid crowds are in the early morning or just before closing time. Ideal seasons to visit include winter and autumn.

To navigate your way around the Vatican City, all tourists are provided with a Vatican City map once you pass through the entrance and admission area.

6. Vatican City: St Peter’s Basilica and St Peter’s Square

st peter's basilica rome

St Peter’s Basilica stands as one of the largest churches ever built to date. Within its walls, an abundance of Italian Renaissance beauty will entice you while papal tombs and neoclassical sculptures surround you. The intricate details will astound you.

If you are eager to see a 360 panorama view of the entire Vatican City, you have the privilege to climb up 871 steps to the top of St Peter’s Basilica’s dome.

To get the most out of Vatican City, why not be present before the Pope as he holds the Papal Audience which happens on most Wednesdays at St Peter’s Square. You can book tickets in advance and we advise that you arrive at 8 AM for a good view and the event commences at 10 AM.


7. Galleria Borghese Rome

If there’s only time to visit one art gallery in Rome, it must be the Galleria Borghese. Bearing a jaw-dropping expanse of private art collections combined with classical antiquities, you’ll definitely not want to miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Take this chance to see Benini’s Ratto di Proserpina, the Rape of Proserpina sculpture, with your very own eyes and bedazzle yourself with Baroque sculptures and Titian and Raphael paintings.


8. Trastevere

Tired of all the sightseeing? How about putting your feet up as you relax in some of Rome’s most famous microbreweries and graffiti-tattooed bars in Trastevere. For those interested in antiques, visit the Trastevere on a Sunday to catch the Porta Portese flea market.


9. Jewish Ghetto Rome

Unknown to many, there was once a large population of Jews in Rome thus making up the Jewish Ghetto. With memorial plaques signifying important Jewish history such as the Porticus Octaviae relic built by Augustus, there is a lot to explore and learn here in the Jewish Ghetto.

Many tourists underestimate the wonders held within the Jewish Ghetto making it a great chance for you to venture to uncrowded territories and to try the different cuisines offered by the Jewish people.


10. Piazza Navona

A magnificent square bearing a beautifully decorated fountain created by Benini, the Piazza Navona stands in a location that once was the Stadium of Domitian which dates back to 1st century AD.

Today, the Piazza Navona is one of the most popular gatherings in Rome filled with bustling terraced cafes and is host to Rome’s seasonal showgrounds.

Although you are spoilt for choice, the cafes on the square vary in quality with some being mediocre to those that are close to fine dining cuisine. Prices normally go at the same price range making it important to choose your meal wisely. We highly recommend dining at the Bernini Ristorante offering some of the world’s most delicious homemade spaghetti and mouthwatering tiramisu.

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