11 Best Overseas Adventure Travel Countries

11 Best Overseas Adventure Travel Countries

An adventure is not just about climbing waterfalls or crossing rivers. It could be anything from a new experience or a first encounter. And that could be found anywhere in the world, even in your neighborhood. But if you want to take it to other countries and have a little bit of adrenaline rush, then we have the perfect list of places for you to choose from.

1. Australia


With over thousand miles of coastline and the Great Barrier Reef, Australia has always had its place in the list of adventurous places. Monikered as Down Under, the country’s population is so low, leaving a vast area unoccupied and ready to explore. The deeper interior of the Australian Outback has remote coats and National Parks. It is totally worth choosing to get your cheap flights to Australia for your thrill.

2. Canada


The sheer size of this second largest country in the world alone would tell you that there are plenty of options laid out for you in the adventure section. With the majority of its population concentrated on cities, the country has a lot of wilderness available for nature enthusiasts. Go into the wild at Haida Gwaii or Manitoba to spot polar bears or beluga whales. You could hike across Trans Canada Trail, trek, canoe or even stare at the northern lights from this overseas adventure travel. Make sure you grab your cheap flights to Canada only at FareDepot.

3. Brazil


As the host of Rio’s famous Carnival, the largest party in the world, Brazil already has enough tourists flocking. But on the other side, it is also an amble spot to go for an adventure. With the Iguazu and wetlands of Pantanal,  it is indeed a wanderers paradise. And yeah you might have heard about something called Amazon. You could add Scuba diving in Fernando de Noronha, hang gliding over Rio de Janeiro, parachuting from a plane in Boituva, rafting in the white waters of Brotas to the list of fun activities to be done on your adventure travel to Brazil. If you dare trek the infamous Amazon Brazil, save yourself some money by finding ways to book cheap flights to Brazil.

4. Portugal


Portugal has been home to many explorers like Magellan, but now it has been welcoming explorers to the country. The Saber and Tua rivers is a dreamland for everyone interested in water sports. There are also perfect beaches for surfers such as Guincho beach. Don't forget the Azores, the archipelago around 850 miles from Portugal. Comprising of nine islands, they offer a perfect getaway for action and relaxation. After getting cheap flights to Portugal, You could also savor the wine from Alentejo, the burgeoning wine region.

5. New Zealand

New Zealand

Name any adventure sports you want to try, and you could find it in New Zealand. From skydiving to raft, the list of thing you could do in this country is pretty long. The Waitomo Caves, river rafting on North Island, jet boating across the waters and skydiving in the biggest city of New Zealand are few of the popular ones. But towards the interior, there is much more to find out.

6. Iceland

IcelandSecret Life of Walter Mitty made us Google Iceland for sure. And the film actually proved that Iceland is one hell of a destination for an adventure. From trekking snow-capped volcanoes, walking behind the Seljalandsfoss waterfall or just cycling on the roads, Iceland is spectacular. Don't forget the glacier hiking in Europe’s largest national park and looking up at the Northern dancing Lights.

7. Thailand


Thailand is one of the exotic destinations in Southeast Asia. It also has abundant forest and wildlife not to forget the delicious Thai food. Get your cheap flights to Thailand at FareDepot and we suggest you try the zip line through 1,500-year-old rainforests, snorkeling the Similan Islands, kayaking in Tarutao National Marine Park and caving in Pang Mapha.

8. Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is not just a beach party destination. A Quarter of the country's land area is protected jungle. With that comes a wide array of adventures and activities. On the sky, there are hot air balloons and zip lines, on the ground you can hike, ride on horses and explore the jungle. On the water, you could raft, canoe and Stand up paddle on Lake Arenal. Aren’t these enough for you to book cheap flights to Costa Rica.

9. Greece


Greece has all answers for your summer getaways. With a coastline of 8500 miles and more than 6000 islands, there is much more than you could do here other than sunbathing and looking at sunsets. The waterfalls in Samothraki, WWII wreckage off Crete Cast, Tinos, and Kalymnos Greece are few spots where you could get the hands-on adventure. For windsurfers, there is a little island called Naxos, and the mountain bikers would surely love Thassos. Book your cheap flights to Greece early to get hold of the summer deals.

10. Argentina


This South American destination will drown you with its magnificent landscapes. Perfect for solo or family adventures, Argentina offers a variety of options to cover all area. The turquoise lakes, ice fields, snow-capped mountain peaks and treeless plains will entice you to get your cheap flights to Argentina right away.

11. Peru

PeruPeru is wild in every way. Home to many indigenous tribes and exotic wildlife, the natural landscapes of Peru has many species of rare flora and fauna to welcome you. The food alone is a culinary adventure. Not to mention, the world-famous Machu Picchu, a trekkers dream and plenty of history that comes with it. Find your cheap flights to Peru to embark on an Amazon adventure from Iquitos or trek through the Manu National Park.

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