15 Places Perfect for Group Travel with Friends

We all are members of a gang or a WhatsApp group where travel plans are proposed every day, but nothing ever happens. But it doesn't stop you from talking about it or even planning it forever.

So it is the time that you actually do that group travel you have all wanted to do for so long. Sharing laughter, fighting and even those drunk, emotional moments all make for memories that you will hold close to your heart.

From fun lazy vacations to hardcore adventure spots, here we suggest the 12 places perfect for you to visit with your friends.

1. Iceland


Iceland might be expensive, but when you all pool in and plan the trip, it wouldn’t strike that bad. Book your cheap flights to Iceland and spend a week or more exploring this amazing land. Start at the capital Reykjavik to indulge in the country's culture and have dinner at the glass-domed revolving Perlan (do not forget to make reservations way ahead). Then head off to the mountains and glaciers to camp out, swim near the waterfalls, visit the National Parks and enjoy a road trip with your fun gang. Finish off your week getting soaking and getting spa treatments at the Blue Lagoon.  There you have a fun and adventure filled plan for your group.


2. Montreal


If Europe seems a bit far, compensate for the loss by heading over to Montreal. This Canadian town comes with the charm of Europe, but you would feel familiar with the surrounding. Try your luck at French while getting mocked by your friends, wander the streets of Old Montreal to dive into Canadian French food options. The bagel at Saint-Viateur and Mile End and Plateau are the popular food joints you do not want to miss. Montreal’s old historic town also has a lively nightlife. For those interested in history, a visit to the Basilica Notre Dame is a must. So talk to your friends and start planning your cheap flights to Montreal.

3. Destination Kohler, Wisconsin

If you are a little bored with lake houses and beach houses, then get on cheap flights to Wisconsin to the Village of Kohler. Set in this tiny town is the destination Kohler, is the retreat owned by the Kohler company. WIth many accommodations and acres set aside for golfing, this one is a part of The American Club and is one of the many planned communities designed by Olmsted Brothers. Whether you are a gang of guys or girls, Destination Kohler has exclusive packages for you that offer services from tours, yoga classes to spa treatments. This is the ultimate getaway with luxury services that shows that its the destination, not the journey that's fun.

4. Napa Valley, California

Napa Valley

You cannot find a reason more convincing than wine to get cheap flights to California to visit Napa Valley. But it does have stunning beautiful landscapes and fabulous food to go with the wine too.

You can spend most of the time visiting different wineries and doing a tasting. Napa Valley also has seasonal celebrations like the Cabernet Season from November to April and then the Napa Valley Truffle Festival in January. You could also book group packages and tours that come with deals of accommodations and wine tasting and have fun while savoring wine.

5. Cartagena, Colombia


When thinking about Colombia, the first thing that might come to your mind are drug lords and guns. But you are going to have to contain the excitement of visit that Colombia and replace it with the image of beautiful beaches and luxury hotels. Cartagena is the new face of elegant  Caribbean vacations, with historical and cultural attributes to one side and the dazzle of a seaside holiday on the other. With your friends, you can explore the Old City that gives out the funky Bohemian vibe and takes boat trips to nearby islands. If you want a different scene from the typical island vacations, book cheap flights to Colombia to explore Cartagena.

6. Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles

Take a trip to Hollywood with your friends to experience the filmy world of Los Angeles. There are more than a dozen film sets that would answer your curious questions on iconic movie shots and beautiful boutique hotels that will treat you like a film star. A visit to LA is incomplete without indulging in the nightlife and partying culture it boasts. But LA is not just all glam and glitter. If you get cheap flights to Los Angeles, there are beaches to sunbathe and museums to visit and mountains to hike up too.

7. Helsinki, Finland


The capital of Finland is also the most populated area and considered as the only metropolis in the country. But do not underestimate Helsinki. Being awarded as the World Design Capital in 2012, the city has cutting-edge infrastructure and facilities for its residents. The architecture is modern and eclectic, and the museums all show how much the country has grown. For fun, you could indulge in the many famous Finnish saunas and go tango in one of their clubs. If you have time, plan your trip to see the Northern lights too.

8. St. Lucia

Get your friends and get on cheap flights to St Lucia to start a mesmerizing journey in the beautiful Caribbean Island. With its lush landscapes and magnificent coastlines, the island is breathtakingly beautiful. Check in to your rooms and start your exploration at the local market at Castries. The white sandy beaches offer the best panoramic vistas you can find in the Caribbean area. There are rugged trains that you can cycle up and beautiful mountains for hiking, and you can even fly over the rainforests. And the local cuisine is just mind-blowing, in here you will best the best varieties of seafood cooked in the most delicious ways.

9. Nashville, Tennessee


Nashville would be the perfect place to visit with your band. As a living museum many landmarks that influenced the musical history, Nashville has a robust heritage. The Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum, the iconic Bluebird Café, the South Broadway and the Ryman Auditorium are all worth visiting and who knows you might find inspiration for a new song there. Take cheap flights to Tennessee to cure your appetite for music.

10. Sanya, China


China doesn't strike as an obvious beach destination, but Sanya has beautiful white sand beaches that would prove you wrong. If you want a different scene from the American and European shores, take cheap flights to China to the Southern island of Sanya. The Yalong Bay is lined with luxurious resorts, and the Tianya Haijiao is famous for the three rocks that have Chinese characters drawn on it. There are also numerous islands nearby which you can visit for a quieter ambiance.

11. Sedona, Arizona

The desert town of Arizona is home to the striking turret of sandstone. The whole landscape forms a remarkable picture of unique and colorful flora. With over a 100 trails with varying difficulties, Sedona is a dreamland of unexpected encounters in nature. Over the years, many luxurious resorts have popped up offering different kinds of accommodations from camping to spa retreats. There is also arts and handicrafts village and the nearby cottonwood town to explore. But if you are booking cheap flights to Arizona for nature, Sedona is pretty close to the Grand Canyon too.

12. Beaver Creek, Colorado

Enter the world of nature and its adventures at the Beaver Creek. The luxurious getaway is set at 9,500 feet up in the mountains. Get cheap flights to Colorado for a scenic drive up to this stunning resort. The resort has accommodations with hot tub, fireplace and incredible views of the alpines. The hotel offers various packages that cover your flight fare and other exclusive guided tours and activities for the guests. The White Carpet Club package includes a private helicopter transport and a personal chef. If you and your friends are loaded, then this would be a rocking place for a fun party.

13. Guatemala


Guatemala is best enjoyed in group travel visiting the remnants of Mayan villages and exploring the stunning landscape. Book cheap flights to Guatemala and spend at least two weeks to experience the country’s natural wonders. From Tikal to the emerald pools of the Semuc Champey, the country is very diverse. There are also beautiful colonial villages and bustling markets to see. If you want a luxurious stay go for a rest at the Casa Palopó or Lago Petén Itzá.

14. Dubrovnik, Croatia


Get everyone in your Game of Thrones fan club to take a journey to the medieval town of Dubrovnik. You might recognize the famous Kings Landing there, isn't that enough reason to get cheap flights to Croatia?  The familiar architecture, the narrow streets, and the ancient plazas are all spectacular to look at. But the city also has a vivacious nightlife and even museums worth a visit.

15. Austin, Texas


Love music? Get on cheap flights to Austin TX already. However, Austin is also where you can go to savor in the Southern style of cuisine, life, and charm. The city has many streets famous as entertainment districts. The Moody Theatre and the Alamo Drafthouse are all legendary locations to watch concerts. For the incredible local cuisine, try the donuts at Gourdough's or tacos at the Torchy's. For group travel, try matching your travel dates during a festival of your interest because Austin indeed has a lot of them.

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