20 Cheap Places to Travel in The World for Budget Traveling

Traveling doesn't have to be bad for your wallet always. There are many places on this planet that are incredibly beautiful but wouldn't cost you a lot to visit. 

From East to West, these are the top 20 destinations in the world that are also the cheap places to travel.

1. Thailand

Thailand elephantThailand has the full package of urban bustle, idyllic island, tropical beaches, mountains and adventure all in one, Throw in the delicious spicy cuisine and a Thai massage, and you would feel there is no other replace in the world where you can find all these together that too without having to spend so much. Find your cheap flights to Thailand, Rent a car or bike and explore the villages and towns to add more flavor to the journey.


2. South Africa

South Africa

An African Safari is definitely one of the thrilling experiences you can get in a lifetime. And you can also do it traveling on a budget if you look the other way from the luxury safari lodges. There are many budget-friendly hotels and tours where you can have this unique encounter.  Hluhluwe-Imfolozi is a much affordable region to see white rhino and away from the crowds of Kruger and Drakensberg is an excellent choice for hiking.

3. Vietnam


Vietnam still sounds like a faraway exotic land to many Westerners. Despite having come a far away from the aftermath of the America War, the country’s greatest attraction is its countryside and beautiful landscape. Vietnam is one of the cheap places to travel in the world. You can find insanely cheap flights to Vietnam to see the paddy fields of Mekong Delta, serene beaches, and pretty villages.


4. Uruguay


Uruguay is a top destination in South America after Brazil and Argentina. So it comes off as a better choice with easy options to find dirt cheap flights and still have the excellent steak. So, there are few blissful beaches to swim in like Cabo Polonio, and wildlife to be explored and gorgeous capital of Montevideo that is well worth a visit.

5. Cuba


The atmosphere in Cuba is improving tremendously and now is a great time to book your cheap flights to Cuba before the country changes beyond recognition. Being one of the budget traveling places on earth, there are many reasons for you to choose this one. Starting from the Varadero beach, salsa clubs at Havana to the Santiago carnival in July, Cuba is a place of colors and varieties.


6. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic

Luckily, Prague still continuous to be one of the cheap places to travel to Europe. You will still find everything Europe has to offer in this little capital of Czech but at a much affordable rate. Wander along the winding streets, check out few museums and take photos of their pretty bridges. The food is also considerably cheaper and just perfect when you wash it down with the local beer. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and get your cheap flights to Prague!


7. Greece


Greece is another country in Europe where you can travel without breaking your buck. It is almost essential that you see the remnants of the once mighty civilization at least once in your life. People flock to this country just to get a glimpse of the magnificent architectures. Let us not forget the beautiful Greek island too. So get your cheap flights to Greece before it gets too difficult to get one in such rates.

8. Guatemala


The rich Mayan traditions and legends make this place a mysterious one. And that is what that probably attracts a majority of people to want to visit here. When you get to experience this compelling natural beauty and the remains of  a long lost civilization in rock bottom prices, this is one place that has to be on top of the list of cheap places to travel .in the world

9. Bulgaria


Bulgaria is a favorite among backpackers for budget traveling. The country has gorgeous coastlines (without the crowd) and a few lovely towns. At bargain prices, you can find excellent accommodation from where you can access the dramatic mountains, coastlines and pay a visit to the ancient Plovdiv.

10. India

IndiaAs a country so rich in diversity, India is probably of the best places on earth to travel. It continues to be one of the ultimate destinations for traveling on a budget. With so many varieties of food options and landscapes that change from state to state, you will be returning with life-changing experiences. Get your cheap flights to India to enjoy the coast of Goa, deserts of Rajasthan, the Himalayas in Ladakh or the spicy fish curries of Kerala.

11. Portugal

Another one of the countries in Europe that will help you cover your bases on how to travel on a budget. Portugal has one of the best of the cool scenes in Europe. Let it be for the delicious cuisine the party scenes in Lisbon, choosing Portugal for your budget travel and booking cheap flights to Portugal will only be a wise decision. Don't forget to get a taste of their pastéis de belém and fresh seafood from Alentejo.

12. Bolivia

Don't be too quick to judge Bolivia. It might be a little uncomfortable to travel here, but it is well worth it for the experiences you will get under such cheap prices. The astounding Salar de Uyuni salt flats and the Laguna Colorado are beauties that are unparalleled in the world. You will only need a couple of fo days to enjoy the maximum of the beautiful country.

13. Mexico


However small your budget is, jeep an amount aside for tacos and tequila in Mexico. Take a road trip or find your cheap flights to Mexico to revel in the dazzling white sands and indulge in the street food of Oaxaca or pay respect at the remains of Mayan civilization. This country has to enough to keep you occupied and wanting to come back for more.

14. New Orleans, USA

New Orleans, USA

Getting cheap flights to New Orleans might already be on the top of lost for jazz enthusiasts. This city is also a favorite of budget travelers. With fantastic music bars in every corner, you might not even have to look for other things to do in the city. But the city has its share of parks, amazing food, and cafes to offer.

15. Laos

Laos will stand out even in the list of budget friendly destinations. The country has a slow place but is definitely one of the best places to have your lazy vacation. Head to the north to Riverside Nong Khiaw where you can get a bungalow for what you would spend on food in some other part of the world. Take boat trips and relax sipping their local beer with your toes in the water. In the end, you will not feel that it was budget travel at all.

16. The Gambia

The Gambia

The smallest country in Africa is also one of the cheap in the world. The many beautiful beaches and diverse wildlife parks make it one of the top place to visit too. Get to watch animals in their natural habitat at River Gambia National Park and do bird watching in Baobolong Wetland Reserve. You will surely be getting the deal of an African safari well under the budget.

17. Shanghai, China

Shanghai, China

Shanghai is actually a place that you can cover well under the budget. Stick on to the amazing street food and soup dumplings, and you have your food situation under control. It is also fairly easy to find budget accommodation, the appeal of the city lies in the busy small streets anyway. Get your cheap flights to Shanghai and visit the city of the foot to explore the mixing in the architecture of both traditional and modern.

18. Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey

The allure of beautiful Turkey is difficult to limit in a few words. There is no need to convince anyone to get their cheap flights to Turkey. The sights like Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, and Topkapi Palace are among the few major attractions. You don't even have to shop but just take in the scenes at the Grand Bazaar,and enjoy the magnificent view of the hot air balloons in the sky of Cappadocia.

19. London, England

London, England

London is undoubtedly one of the most expensive cities in the world. So you're probably wondering why it is on this list. Being a city with so many options, you will also find great places that are really cheap for accommodation and food. Plus, many of the attractions here are cheap, and there are tons of things to visit too. So do really good research, and you can find some great budget hostels and cheap flights to London, where you can have a really under the budget travels.

20. Egypt

EgyptThe mind-blowing pyramids are reason enough to put this country on any travel list. Visiting the Valley of the Kings and Abu Simbel could create a dent in your wallet but if you balance it out with the cheap rates of accommodation, cheap flights to Egypt and the other expenses, Egypt is well worth to be put in the list of places to consider for budget traveling.

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