20 Mind Blowing Lifetime Escapes for the Travel Lover

That is the problem with the internet you know? There are too many options for everything. From the social media platforms to travel blogs, you are bombarded with beautiful pictures and destinations that make you want to go everywhere.

So if you are having a tough time figuring out where to go next, look nowhere else. Here are the best trips you can take to have those unique experiences that will blow you away.

20. Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

The world’s largest geothermal pool has been attracting the crowd to Iceland for a while now. The Blue Lagoon Iceland is not just good for your skin rejuvenation, but it also makes a very pretty picture altogether. Once you have figured out your cheap flights to Iceland, make sure you spend enough time at the lagoon to take a spa treatment or two.

19. Vieques Island, Puerto Rico

Vieques Island, Puerto Rico

Vieques Island Puerto Rico is a bit different from the typical Caribbean Island vacation. Here it is more about enjoying the quiet island without the buzz of too many tourists. The place is still mostly unexplored, so you will be able to experience the local culture there. Get your cheap flights to Puerto Rico if you are looking to spend holidays in a secluded island with your partner. Do not forget to visit the Bioluminescent Bay on the way back.

18. The Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong

Wondering why a hotel made this list? You should book a room at The Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong to experience it yourself. The historic building is a beauty in itself. With opulent furnishings, top of the line amenities, spectacular views of Victoria Harbour and impeccable service, the hotel will show you what a luxury stay should feel like. But if you want to afford a stay here, you might want to look for cheap flights to Hong Kong first.

17. Bernese Oberland, Switzerland

Bernese Oberland has all three that could make for a stunning picture; mountains, lakes and flowers. This swiss spot shines through both summer and winter. With two alpine lakes,  the cogwheel trains and the pretty houses the whole place is like a wonderland. During the spring, the place blooms up with flowers. In winter, the snow-covered peaks and the lake sparkles.  Interlaken is only a few hours drive from here, so if you have booked your cheap flights to Switzerland, do not forget to add this to your itinerary.

16. Secret Beach, Kauai

Situated on the north coast of the island,  Secret Beach Kauai just like its name is hidden from the public eye. There are no roads leading to it, and you have to take a trail that runs steeply downhill to reach this beautiful stretch of sand. But even if the hike seems like a rocky ride, it is unquestionably meriting when you see the destination. On one side the lava rocks form the wall while on the other side there is the dazzling vista of the Mokuauia Island and Kilauea Lighthouse. Book your cheap flights to Kauai to enjoy this secret paradise before it is made popular and crowded by the internet.

15. Sequoia National Park, California

Sequoia National Park, California

With the oldest trees on the planet, the Sequoia National Park is a beautiful place to be. Stretching over 400,000 acres, the park has remarkable rock formations and underground caves to explore. There are many camping sites and ranger programs that come in packages that you can pre-book before your trip.  If your book your cheap flights to California, you can also enjoy the many seasonal activities organized by the park authorities.

14. Milford Sound, New Zealand

Milford Sound, New Zealand

New Zealand is the destination for adventure and excitement. Milford Sound New Zealand comes with the package of scenery, quiet and wonderful activities. You can take a scenic flight above the beautiful lake or explore the waterfalls and rainforests. You can also take boat cruises in the lake and learn more about the local marine life. Take cheap flights to New Zealand to experience the stunning beauty of the Sound.

13. Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre, Italy

Get on your cheap flights to Italy to experience the fabulous five of the country. With a diverse landscape and spectacular panoramas, each of the five towns of Cinque Terre is unique and has the typical Italian charm. The steep slopes are dotted with wineries and streets are adorned with stairs making it perfect to be explored on foot. The food is just amazing, and the views from each town are magnificent. You can find accommodations in any of the five towns based on your preferences and travel to the others. But make sure you do not go during the offseason to avoid rains and slippery roads.

12. Wakaya Club & Spa, Fiji

The Wakaya Club is one of the most exclusive spots in the world. This private retreat is spread across a large 2,200-acre property and has few islands too. Adorned with beautiful seaside cliffs, white sand beaches and turquoise blue water, the resort is a paradise in itself. The club also boasts a luxury to its highest with ten freestanding beachfront cottages where you will be treated like royalty. With their gourmet cuisine and spa treatments, you will not feel like ever leaving the place.

11. Ski Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is the epitome of luxury and being there makes you feel like anything is achievable.

The Ski Dubai is an indoor resort which is a part of the Mall of Dubai. The ski resort itself has an area of 22,000 sq meters, so you can imagine, how big the mall would be. Well, this Emirate has never hesitated to splurge money on luxuries, so it is definitely worth a visit to this one of a kind ski mountain in the desert.


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