20 Mind Blowing Lifetime Escapes for the Travel Lover (Part 2)

There are a few places that have found its place on everyone's bucket list. These places can blow your mind and make you passionate about traveling. But even if you haven't got the addiction to travel yet, a visit to the few listed below would definitely make you fall in love with it.

So let us continue our Part 2 (from Part 1) of lifetime escapes for the traveler in you.

10. Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii

Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii

Hawaii is not only beaches and voodoo umbrella drinks. The Volcanoes National Park Hawaii is one of the magnificent places on earth. Housing the world’s two most active volcanoes, the Kilauea and Mauna Loa, a visit here will send a thrill down your spine. The dramatic volcanic landscape has resulted in the creation of some unique flora and fauna in the park. To get closer and experience the thrill, book your cheap flights to Hawaii and go for scenic drives, hike or walking tours through the park.

9. Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech, Morocco

WIth streets buzzing with aromas, Marrakech is a truly exotic land. If you have booked cheap flights to Morocco to visit this ancient imperial city, you will be taken to those markets you have read about in Arabic fairy tales. The legendary marketplace of Djemaa el-Fna is filled with street vendors selling mouth-watering sweets, jewelry and spices. There you will find everything from snake charmers to acrobats. There are also trails leading to the Mount Toubkal from the village making it a trekking center.

8. Monument Valley, Utah

Famous for its Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, you would have seen this red sand desert in many movies. The sandstone formations in the blue sky backdrop make a brilliant scene, especially during dusk. The valley has many legends and heritage connected to it. You can take jeep tours or hike to explore the valley closer. To reach, get your cheap flights to Utah and drive to the New Mexico border.

7. Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

The allure of Venice is something that you have to feel by being there. The narrow streets lined with beautiful shops selling Venetian masks and the romantic bridges overlooking the canals are all so poetic in the most romantic of ways. Whether the streets are crowded or not, the city of Venice is probably one of the most charming destinations in the world. Find your cheap flights to Venice to stare at the St. Marks Basilica and take a gondola ride through the canals and without any question, and you will be given irreplaceable memories to last a lifetime.

6. Singita Ebony Lodge, South Africa

The Singita Ebony Lodge is the ultimate blend of the rustic beauty of African landscape and the luxury of a five-star hotel. If you are planning to get cheap flights to South Africa to have a safari adventure, then staying at the Singita would be a brilliant choice. The suites have the concept of tents achieved with canvas and glass walls where you get great views of the scenarios and the starry nights at the sky. With all 12 suites equipped with a private plunge pool, you might not even want to leave your room and actually get on with the safari. But they have great packages and guided tours that will make you love the whole idea of adventure Safari.

5. Jellyfish Lake, Palau

Ever got scared of a jellyfish before? Do not worry; this Jellyfish Lake Palau has hundreds of harmless jellyfishes for you to swim along with. This one is a saltwater lake where a unique ecosystem has been created for the golden jellyfish, where you can snorkel among them to have one of the most magical experiences of your life.

4. Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece

Santorini is famous for its white streets and blue waters. The Greek island is the epitome of serene beauty and spectacular sunsets. Set along the cliffs are white houses with blue rooftops and where the streets are adorned with pretty flowers and colorful doors. Being one of the most luxurious destinations in the world, we recommend you do not wait around to get your cheap flights to Santorini.


3. Grand Canyon, Arizona

Grand Canyon, Arizona

The great Colorado River sculpted the Grand Canyon to its beautiful and stunning curves.

Going to a depth of 5000 feet into the crust of the earth and stretching over 277 miles, The Grand Canyon Arizona is indeed a natural wonder. There are many kinds of hiking tours offered, in a helicopter or even on horses to enhance your visit to the canyon.  When you plan your trip and book cheap flights to Arizona, make sure which part you are going to as the north rim stays open only from May till October.  

2. Zambezi River Rafting, Zambia

Whitewater river rafting is one of the most exhilarating adventures you can ever try out. Zambezi river is very famous for its rafting that starts right below the Victoria Falls The river is continuously changing and the thrill of rafting through this mighty river amidst the thick jungle is truly an adrenaline rush. Book cheap flights to Zambia to try out a single day or multi-day Zambezi river rafting trip with camping in the wild.

1. Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Watching the magical sunrise at Angkor Wat is very blissful. This UNESCO site is striking in architecture with an energetic ambiance of holiness. Booking a trip with cheap flights to Cambodia is an ultimate package of spiritual awakening. There are many other temples nearby that are equally remarkable like the Bayon temple. Load up on the history and delicious food to have exceptional travel experience.

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