20 Insider Tips to keep in Mind while Visiting Stockholm

Most countries in Europe might seem a lot similar to each other, well except maybe the Scandinavia. With the northern whites and simple, sleek lifestyle, Scandinavian countries have a unique allure to all travelers.

Stockholm undoubtedly is one of the trending destinations in northern Europe. For those who are not aware of this, it is also very expensive to visit Stockholm. So it wouldn't hurt to know a few basic things from an insider that could help you on your visit to Stockholm. So here we have some notes on the main aspects of visiting Stockholm.


1. Transit from the Airport

Transit from the Airport

As soon as you reach the Stockholm Arlanda Airport, don't involuntarily look for taxis. There is a much cheaper alternative to get you to the city. You can take an airport shuttle bus like Swebus that will get you to the city center in 45 to 50 minutes. There is also the Arlanda Express Train from the airport that goes directly to the Stockholm Central Station.

2. Commuting Inside the City

Stockholm public transport

Stockholm is known for its efficient infrastructure. The Stockholm public transport is top notch with a system comprising of subways, buses, trams, ferries, and even long-distance trains.  You can purchase tickets from vending machines at the station or from kiosks with an “SL” logo. You can easily find the schedules online too. If you are staying for a while, get a Stockholm card that gives unlimited rides on public transport plus free entries to the cities museums and attractions.

3. The Eating Hours

The Eating Hours

You are most probably going to have breakfast at the hotel itself. The next item in the menu would be to find good and affordable places for lunch and dinner. Eating out in Stockholm can drain your wallet. Even a sandwich could cost you $15.

One way to beat this is by making things yourself and feeding on fruits and snacks from the local supermarket. If you are planning to eat out, then look for signs like “Dagens rätt” or “Dagens lunch” outside restaurants and cafes. This shows the dish of the day, and it comes much more affordable than the other plates. It usually comes in a menu with a salad, bread, water, and coffee.

4. Getting Alcohol

Getting Alcohol

It is easy to buy alcohol and hard liquor in clubs and bars, but if you are looking to buy them outside for lower rates, it could be a little tricky. The sale of alcohol is strictly regulated in Sweden. In fact, there is only 420 government authorized Systembolaget Stockholm retail stores in the country, and this is only where you will find liquor.

5. Queues and Patience

Queues and Patience

Almost all business and stores in Sweden have a ticketing system which uses a small machine that dispenses tokens called “numberlappers” with numbers. So you will find a queue and when you do check whether those standing in line have the tokens in hand.  If they do, make sure you take this token before you join them.

6. Dine at a  Bakficka

Dine at a  Bakficka

One cool thing about Stockholm is that many Michelin starred restaurants also have their sister bistros nearby. These are called Bakficka that means “back pocket.” If you want to try out the food of a chef, you can find many affordable options served in bistro style by the same chefs at such places.

7. How much to Tip

Tipping is not a mandatory custom, but if you like the service you got, the usual amount is   5 to 10% of the bill.



The water coming from any tap you find in public in the city are drinking quality water. So do not waste money buying mineral water bottles. Take a reusable bottle with you and refill from the tap whenever necessary.

9. Shop Early

Shop Early

The days usually tend to be shorter in Scandinavia. So the stores open around 10 or 11 am and close early between 5 and 7 pm. On weekdays they stay open for even lesses durations and remain closed on Sundays. Keep this in mind for any shopping plans you have.

10. Use the Free Wifi

Use the Free Wifi

Stockholm is a city that offers the best to its visitors and residents. That includes free wifi in most of the public areas. Many cafes and restaurants also provide wifi free of charge to their customers. The Free Wifi Map is an application that shows you the Free wifi points around you.

11. Speak a little Swedish

While you can survive with just English, it is also good to know the basic phrases in Swedish. The locals really appreciate it, and it would only make things easier for you. So it is best to learn terms for hi, bye, thank you, good morning and such prior to your Sweden trip. You can easily find online many how to learn Swedish app.

12. Card and Changes

Card and Changes

Stockholm is almost a cashless society. You will find people using their bank cards even for small purchases. Make sure you have an international bank card or else you might find it difficult to purchase things.

On the other hand, it is also advised to carry change around for toilets. Even the ones in malls and galleries charge around SEK 5 or 10. Carry around a few coins to use in times of emergencies.

13. Bus Rides free with Babies

Bus Rides free with Babies

Among the many thoughtful things that add to the efficiency of public transport in Stockholm, they also let parents with babies and infants in strollers ride for free. So if you think that a taxi is better to travel with kids, Stockholm has proved you wrong.

14. Try to Avoid July

Try to Avoid July

Visiting Sweden as a summer destination in July might not be a good plan. Most of the restaurants and stores will be closed as employees will be on their holidays. You will surely find touristy places, but if you are going to see and experience the authenticity of Sweden, it is not the best time to visit Stockholm.

15. Remember to Take off your shoes in Homes

Remember to Take off your shoes in Homes

It is a common practice to remove the shoes before you enter private homes in Sweden. The simple explanation is to keep the dirt away from the interior. So when you are going to a private residence, respectfully ask the owner whether you should remove the shoes or not.

16. Reduce your Plastic Waste

Reduce your Plastic Waste

Stockholm doesn't appreciate you tossing away plastic as much. The grocery stores all charge you extra so it is just better to carry a reusable bag with you when you go to buy something.

17. Free Subway Art Tour

Free Subway Art Tour

The subway stations in Stockholm are incredibly beautiful and adorned with art. They are called the world’s longest art exhibition. If you would like to know more about this art, get the free weekly guided tour of the underground art in subway Stockholm. You only have to pay for your transportation charges.

18. Make Way for Kids

Make Way for Kids

Just like free bus rides, kids also have many perks inside Stockholm. The renowned Kulturhuset has its own Rum for Barn, exclusively for kids. They have many books, activities like sculpting, painting and even small events to keep them entertained. If you are visiting with family, this is an excellent place for the kids to have some fun.

19. Cruise to the Baltic Ports on weekends

Cruise to the Baltic Ports on weekends

When you are in Stockholm, don't forget to take advantage of its shores. Being located along the Baltic Sea, cruising is a major fun activity here. It also is very cheap. Weekend cruises to Latvia are popular that comes with a fine dining experience too.

20. Get on the Free Shuttle to Ikea

Get on the Free Shuttle to Ikea

It is just not fair to go to Sweden and not go to Ikea. Even if not to buy anything, the food at their cafeteria is incredibly Swedish and delicious. To go, you can just board on the free shuttle buses that depart from Vasagatan every hour from 10 am to 7 pm.

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