3 Cities To Visit in Southern Europe

3 Cities To Visit in Southern Europe

If you are trying to decide which cheap flight tickets to book for your summer trip to Europe, reading through this post will help you decide just where to book your tickets! What kind of locations in Europe do you want to travel to? Do you want to know the most amazing and life changing destinations? Do you want to experience beauty and meet amazing cultures? Keep reading to find out where you want to book your flight tickets to! 

3: Mostar, Bosnia

A city filled with a violent history, now emerged as a rebuilt and spectacular sight to see. The most famous bridge, the Stari Most Bridge is a landmark that has so many stories to tell. Historically, young men would dive off this bridge as a tradition to transition into manhood. Then during the Balkan War, the bridge was mostly destroyed. But using photographs and historic records, it has been rebuilt to its former glory, grandly standing over the beautiful turquoise river. Nearby there are the Kravice waterfalls where you can take a refreshing and magical swim in the crystal clear waters. The streets are lined with cafes and shops, where you can stop and truly enjoy the beautiful sights this city has to offer. Book your cheap international flight tickets to Bosnia to experience this city today!

2: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Get away from the highly sought after tourist destinations, and explore the hidden region nestled between the alpine valley and the Ljubljana river where this gem of a city lies. Serene and peaceful, this picturesque city is the perfect destination to escape from the commotion and enjoy the outdoors. Cafes spill out onto the streets during the warm weather months, and you can walk down the cobblestone streets enjoying a nice coffee or taking in the smells of the freshly baked goods. You can explore the hilltop Ljubljana castle or visit the fairy tale castle by Lake Bohinj. Buy your airline tickets to Slovenia to visit this truly striking city on your next European adventure.

1: Kotor, Montenegro

Sadly, this destination is often overlooked by European travelers, but lucky for you, you’ve found this list and learned of this incredible destination! This ancient port town sits on the spectacular Bay of Kotor and boasts history, culture and beauty. The friendly people who inhabit this city will welcome a curious traveler seeking adventure and splendor, and if you are looking for a party try to book your flight tickets for the summer carnival that takes place every year in the streets of Kotor.

Eastern Europe has marvelous marvels to travel through. These top destinations can take your breath away, so book your cheap international flight tickets today and plan the activities you’ll partake in once you’re here!