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3 Things You Need to Know About Naples

Naples City

Naples is on the top of most traveler’s bucket lists, and rightfully so. This great city is full of delicious local cuisine, architecture, art, and rich history. If you are planning your first trip to Naples, here are a few insider’s tips about that will have you feeling like a local in no time! Before you start planning your trip, don’t forget to buy your discount airlines tickets to Naples today!


Discount Airlines Tickets to Naples and what I need to know

It’s a Safe City

All in all, Naples is a safe city for travelers. There are some petty crimes in the surrounding areas, but crime is rarely directed towards tourists. The only thing a traveler should be aware of is the possibility of pickpockets, which every tourist should be cautious of when traveling to any new city.


It Has a Ton of Hills!

If you choose to explore the city by foot, be prepared to come in contact with a lot of hills. Most places will require you either walking uphill or downhill, so make sure to pack comfortable walking shoes!


Dinner Starts Late

It’s not unusual for restaurants to open for dinner at 7:30 or later. Restaurants hours are much more casual in Naples in comparison to the US. So, make sure you are flexible about the time of your dinner plans!


Discount Airlines Tickets to Naples

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Discount Airlines Tickets to Naples and what I need to know about the city

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