3 Ways to See Rome on a Budget


3 Ways to See Rome on a Budget

Are you dying to experience Rome, but not ready for the price tag that comes with it? There are plenty of ways to see Rome without breaking the bank. Rome brings more to the table then tourists traps and pricey restaurants. Here are a few ways to see Rome like a local, all while being budget conscious. Also, don’t forget to buy your very low fare air tickets to Rome today! 


Very Low Fare Air Tickets to Rome and how to travel on a budget

Public Parks

If you want to get outdoors and see Rome without making a dent in your wallet, public parks are a great option. Pack a picnic with provisions from the local market. Enjoy beautiful pine trees, fountains, and all in all Rome in its natural state.


Enjoy the Street Art

Rome has incredible street art from various internationally renowned street artists. Plus, taking a stroll through these vibrant streets is free of charge.


Eat Gelato

Indulge in the cities favorite gourmet snack. For only €2-€3 you can enjoy freshly made, authentic gelato. You will not be disappointed!


Very Low Fare Air Tickets to Rome

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Very Low Fare Air Tickets to Rome and how to see the city on a budget