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4 Free Must-Have Travel Apps

Booking a flight, packing your luggage, what’s next? Believe or not, the answer lays in your hand. Here are FareDepot’s recommendation for must-have mobile apps to make for smooth traveling on your next cheap international flight!


1.     AirBnb

Worried about lodging? AirBnb is the perfect solution for that. AirBnb provides a very unique hospitality service, allowing travelers to lodge within local housing. AirBnb is frequently cheaper than hotels, and the app works offline, so you’ll always be able to access your reservation.

2.     FareDepot Mobile App

When looking for an app that allows you to book flights with ease, trust in FareDepot to have your back. FareDepot’s app makes sure you find the flights you want, with the specifications you want, and the lowest fares that you need.

3.     Sidekix

For all you travelers who want to engage in the local scene, Sidekix is your trusty guide to get the most out of your stroll through the streets. An exploration app that tailors your walking route to your interests, be it galleries, pubs, or cafes. All these recommendations come from the locals who knows what’s up.

4.     Uber 

There’s no need to concern yourself with transportation during your travels when you have Uber, an app that allows drivers and riders to connect with one another and discuss transportation. The rates are hard to beat and it’s definitely better than waiting for the local bus.


So, grab your phone and we’ll find the exclusive cheap airfare and grab those wholesale tickets for you at FareDepot!

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