4 Things to Do in Geneva

Geneva might not be the most conventional choice for a trip to Europe, but the Swiss city is bound to impress any adventurous nomad. Find your discount airline tickets to Geneva now, and check out these four must-see Geneva attractions. 


Discount airline tickets to Geneva and top attractions

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is a 224-square-mile lake, that has been a popular attraction for celebrities for generations. One of the best ways to see the lake is by the local ferry, but Lake Geneva is also conveniently located and accessible from most areas in the city center.   


Mont Salève

While exploring Geneva, make sure to check out Mont Salève. This breath-taking mountain has endless hiking and biking options. You can also take Mont Salève's cable car up to an observation deck that has a restaurant.


Jet D'Eau

Jet d’Eau is one of Geneva’s most iconic attractions. This extraordinary fountain shoots water 459 feet into the air. The fountain is located in the center of Lake Geneva, making it visible from most local areas.


 Grange Park

Enjoy thousands of square feet of beautiful gardens, full of various types of flowers and bodies of water. A villa that is also a restaurant and hotel, also conveniently resides on the property of the grange park.


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