Explore: 4 Nice Things to Do in Nice France

things to do in nice france

With a whole lot of Nice France attractions such as museums, historical ruins, and churches to explore, any history buff would be thrilled to venture into the amazing destination of all things Nice (pun totally intended).

For those looking for other things to do in Nice France, there are plenty of shopping opportunities from boutique outlets to larger departmental stores offering great discounts only found in retail outlets.

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It’s time to check out our list of things you simply do not want to miss when traveling around Nice!


1. Promenade des Anglais

Also known as the English Walk in Nice, the Promenade des Anglais is unique in providing a sense of serenity along the pebbly shores of Nice’s most famous beach. With travelers flocking the Promenade des Anglais with raving reviews, taking a stroll here will definitely be worth your time as you soak in the ambiance of a peaceful French town that acts as a critical position to all other Nice attractions.

If you’d like to absorb a different view of Nice France at night, a walk around the Promenade will enhance the vibrancy of what this beautiful city has to offer.


2. Castle Hill Nice France

If you come from a place where castles and kings and the whole concept of royalty is foreign to you, the history of Castle Hill Nice will entice you. Known as Colline du Chateau to the locals of France, there isn’t a lot left to it due to the destruction that of both time and feuds.

With an estimated 300 feet of stairs to climb, the view on top of the hill budget faress an astonishing panoramic experience of all of Nice as well as the Bay of Angels (locally known as Baie des Anges). If you’ve brought kids along in your vacation adventures, Castle Hill Nice is a great place to take them and be sure to bring a picnic basket as all of you enjoy the view, the playground, and a full belly full of delicious French food!

For those who desire to witness the magnificent view but loathe the idea of having to work those muscles, there is a lift that will take you approximately 75% of the way up so you’ll just have to make the effort to climb the remaining 25%.


3. Chagall Museum Nice

If you’re into stained glass, beautiful colors, surreal paintings, and artwork, Chagall Museum is hands down a must-visit place in Nice. Be sure to bring along your passport as it may be required for admission.


4. Old Town Nice

A neighborhood filled with locals and travelers, Old Town Nice offers a sense of local living with markets and shops entertaining local cuisines and products. Despite the expected tourist traps, there are still authentic French restaurants as well as the Cours Saleya fruit, veg, and flower market within its premise.


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