4 Things You Need to Know About Copenhagen

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Looking to buy cheap air tickets, but not sure where your next adventure should take place? Perhaps it’s time to try the capital of the happiest country on Earth out for size. Here are a few charming facts you should know about Copenhagen that will have you booking your flight and packing your bags in no time…


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It’s Environmentally Friendly  

Copenhagen is an extremely green City, with electric buses zipping down the street, organic foods on every corner, and eco- friendly certified hotel rooms, Copenhagen will have you recycling in no time.

Denmark Is Full of Very Happy People

Denmark beat out every other country in the UN’S World Happiness Report, with a score of 7.6 out of 10. Safe to say, it might be close to impossible to not have a smile on your face while in Copenhagen


The beloved Tivoli is the world’s second- oldest amusement park. Enjoy roller coasters, live performances, arcades, and plenty of places to eat and drink, all while being surrounded by a beautiful lake and gardens.

The Holidays Are a Great Time to Go

If you take a trip to Copenhagen around Christmas and New Year’s expect an abundance of white lights on Christmas trees, Christmas markets, and sub-zero temperatures. Like the North Pole, but better.

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