5 Can’t Miss Tips for Your Trip


While you have probably seen the glory and awe of Venice, Italy in films and photos, nothing beats the real thing. Taking a trip to Venice is like taking a trip into a dream world. It’s filled with miraculous museums, shops, foods, and countless delights. And lets not forget its gorgeous canals and gondola rides! However, if you’ve decided to travel to Venice, planning a trip and getting very cheap international flights from New York to Venice can get a little overwhelming. Luckily, we have some essential tips to make your trip to Venice and grand as it should be! 

5 Venice Tips for Travelers

1.Explore Venice without spending a fortune by taking a 60-minute ferry ride for a mere 6.50 Euros.

2.Book your hotel near a water taxi stop so that you have easy access to all of the sights that you want to see.

3.Head to the outer islands, such as the small islands of Burano and Murano, for some of Venice’s most photogenic places.

4.Do your research beforehand on the best restaurants that are frequently visited by locals in order to ensure an authentic (and delicious) culinary experience.

5.Get up early and stay up late. There’s a lot to explore in Venice, you need all of the time you can get!

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