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5 Must See Attractions in Rome

There are few places in the world today that evokes its past as powerfully as Rome. This capital city of Italy is filled with countless treasures that can take the breath of any traveler away. But with so many sights to choose from, how do you know which Roman attractions are worth seeing? Keep reading to find out! Then, make sure to get your very cheap international flights from Miami to Rome

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5 Amazing Attractions to See in Rome 

1.The Colosseum: As one of Rome’s most iconic sights, this ancient amphitheater was once able to host an astounding 50,000 people back in its heyday.

2.Pantheon: The Pantheon is the best-preserved monument of ancient Rome, despite being built almost 2000 years ago.

3.Trevi Fountain: The mighty Trevi Fountain not only spills almost 3,000,000 cubic feet of water every day, but it also collects an exuberant amount of money for charity thanks to people making a wish and throwing coins into it.

4.Roman Forum: While it’s excavations took more than 100 years to complete after its rediscovery in 1803, the Roman Forum is the perfect place to gawk at gorgeous ancient ruins.

5.Piazza Navona: This is the perfect place to full watch, absorb, and admire the remarkable city that is Rome.

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