5 Epic Reasons to Fly Business Class Flights and Not First Class

While on the search for flight tickets, we have all just curiously looked at the rates for different categories. And few of us, to be honest, don't even know the difference between business class and first class cabins other than the differences in the airfares.

For those who frequently travel for leisure or work, the service in first class is a lot useful to land with refreshment. But what if you could get the same services for much low airfare for business flights? Business classes offer impeccable services that are perfect for your next long-distance trip. The reclinable seats that can easily be your comfortable bed and the addition of bar have blurred the barriers between first and business class to a great extent. If you are not sure about why you should choose business class over first class, then read on to find in detail what advantages business class holds over the later.


1. You’ll get almost the same amenities and services at a lower price

Business class without any doubt offers excellent service for its travelers. But the type of services they offer vary from airline to airline and whether you are flying domestic or international.

Nowadays, almost all airlines feature lie-flat seats, complimentary food and free drinks for both business and first class sections.  The only noticeable differences would only be the fancier meal choices and enclosed cabin spaces for each passenger. In the first class, you will be offered fine dining services and personalized menu options whereas in business you will have a set standard menu with various options to choose from.

There is not much difference when it comes to airport lounges either. Many airlines have the same lounges for both first and business classes. The priority check-in options are also the same for both. With the recent options of online check-in, these perks almost don't even matter anyway.

You might not get a personal cabin crew, but you will definitely be offered impeccable service in business class with the same standards. So in the end, if you think, why pay a lot extra for a lot less?

2. You’re more likely to be able to cash back a business class ticket

business class ticket

Business class, just as the name suggests are mainly for people who travel for their business and work. With the substantial increase in the number of business trips over the years, many companies have tie-ups with airlines to get deals on cheap business class tickets for their employees. In case you are planning to get your expenses paid by your company, it is more likely that they would pay for a business class rather than first class flights.

This definitely is subjective to the company though. But you can check in with the company policies before your confirm your business class tickets.

3. The perks in business class are getting better and better

business class flight perksMost of the airline companies are concentrating on improving the bookings on their business flights. Hence they are providing offers to better the perks they provide in business class, According to The New York Times, business class tickets are where airlines make most of their money from.

The main competition between airlines takes place not for the economy but business class. This means all airlines will be upgrading their services to attract more travelers to fly in their business flights.

Airlines are doing constant research to come up with innovative features to make their flights more comfortable employing architects, industrial designers, and niche technicians. Every year millions are spent on this research and development and into the making of business class seats.

All this means that when you fly in business class, you are experiencing first hand the exclusive technology developed to make our journey more comfortable.

4. Rumor has it that first class might be taken off the list

rumor has it first class goneWith all the focus that goes into making the business class better, few airlines are considering to get rid of first class altogether. When the number of business travelers increases, that also means cutting off space for more number of seats. Already few airlines like Airlines, Continental Airlines, Air New Zealand, and Air Canada have removed their first class seats, and others are planning to downsize.

5. You’ll earn almost the same amount of miles you would with an expensive first-class ticket

A great perk of booking premium seats are the flyer points you earn with them. This depends on the class of sears and varies from airline to airline. According to industry standards, an economy ticket will get you 100% of the miles actually flown, while business class earns miles at a rate of 125% and first class at 150%.

If you are someone who saves up the Frequent Flyer miles, whether you book your first class or business class, you will be getting almost the same number of points. It doesn't make much difference in that regard for you to earn more on flyer points. And it's definitely not worth paying twice the amount for tickets.

Those who prefer the privacy of an enclosed cabin might still favor first class over the business. For the celebrities and the billionaires of the world, this privacy might be the most important thing. For others, the extra money you pay is definitely not worth the slightly bigger meal or one or two additional options on alcohol.

Also, many airlines host offers and sales for cheap business class flights and you will almost never come across a deal on first class.


For someone who travels frequently, the perks of the business class might become a lot more useful with the exclusive services to make things easier for work travel.

In conclusion, for many, the main difference comes to the amount you pay. So before you finalize your flying class, check our fare-comparison website, FareDepot, to see how much more you are paying for a few better options. With our extremely cheap rates for the business flights, we are sure you will have second thoughts on confirming on your first class. You might even go for an upgrade from economy tickets on your international flights.