5 Things to Do in Budapest


Budapest City

Calling all explorers, adventure seekers, and nomads, it’s time to take a trip to Budapest… Known as the Paris of the East, Budapest may not be the most conventional choice for a European getaway, but with its beautiful architecture, hot natural springs, and delicious traditional dishes, Budapest might just be your new favorite city. So, snag your discount Airline Tickets to Budapest and check out these 3 things to do while visiting Budapest... 

Thermal Baths

Known as the “city of spas” Budapest’s has more than 100 thermal springs around the city, leaving an abundance of opportunity for relaxation. Perhaps you had too much Hungarian wine the night before, or sore muscles from your flight, a soak in the hot springs are the perfect remedy for any achy traveler.

Hungarian Wine Tasting

While in Budapest don’t forget to Indulge in Hungary’s 22 wine regions. Enjoy scenic and romantic cellars, sip and explore while developing a deep understanding of Hungarian wine.

Central Market Hall

Dive head first in the Hungarian culture with a visit to the largest indoor market in Budapest. Central Market Hall is chock full traditional Hungarian products and food, along with plenty of souvenirs and Hungarian embroidery to bring back home.


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