5 United Kingdom Restaurants to Visit

5 United Kingdom Restaurants to Visit

When you travel, you are not only experiencing the culture by learning of that country’s history, but by also tasting their food passed down from generation to generation. Besides it’s many world-famous attractions destinations, Britain offers some of the world’s finest cuisines, particularly from the many well-known restaurants found across the country. Begin searching for the best airline ticket prices to the UK and beyond to start your journey today. 

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  1. Helene Darroze at the Connaught Hotel 

Within the Connaught Hotel in London is one of the finest restaurants that you will ever have the pleasure to go to. The chef, born, raised, and trained in France, produced the menu based on only using fresh ingredients from local suppliers. The supplier’s names are shown on the menu to show not only how close they are from the restaurant, but also to allow for guests to visit the farms themselves, making the experience far more unique than most. Lunch would cost about £30 or $38 for a taste of the most essential items on their menu. Another unique aspect of their setting is their exquisitely-designed dining room, which includes such decor elements such as hand-blown glass chandeliers hung above their immaculately set tables and plush velvet chairs. 

United Kingdom restaurant kabobs

  1. 19 Numara Bos Cirrik 

Located on the Stoke Newington strip, this kabob shop serves authentic Turkish foods. The casual atmosphere it conveys is shown through the meal’s presentation, in which customers can pick their kabobs from a display case and then watch as the chefs cook them to order. There are fresh meats, vegetables, and seafood marinated in garlic, as well as numerous traditional herbs and spices from Turkey. They do offer a variety of wines there, including a selection from France, Italy, and Turkey. 
United Kingdom red wine in glass

  1. Al Waha House 

Recognized in London as one of the best places to eat, this restaurant specializes in Lebanese food, with all of the ingredients they use being fresh or imported from around the world. They have popular entrees made from tender steak, savory poultry, and fresh seafood. Their most well-known dish is Moutabel, which is similar to hummus. They also have hand-made desserts served alongside premium wines and coffees. The interior has been described as having an “Arabian Nights” atmosphere, where guests can feel they are dining in an authentic restaurant in Lebanon. 

United Kingdom dish

  1. Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester

If you are searching for exquisite, refined dishes, then look no further than this highly esteemed restaurant. Alain Ducasse, a famous chef from France, has run his restaurant and its kitchen with great success, having been awarded three Michelin stars. They offer seasonal menus, tastings, and wine samples that come from British and French suppliers. 

Every Wednesday, the lunch menu is changed to ensure that you and other guests that week may share the same exclusive culinary experience. You can also book your own private dining room in either the Table Lumiere in the Salon Park Lane room, where the tables are set with unique centerpieces and has high ceilings and natural light coming in through the French windows, or in the Salon Prive where the room is decorated in stunning dark green displays. 

United Kingdom restaurant private dining

  1. Andrew Edmunds

If you are looking for reasonable wine prices in a relaxed atmosphere, then you should consider visiting Andrew Edmunds for a meal. This restaurant is known for its especially romantic setting, with tables and chairs placed to enhance an intimate atmosphere, along with decorations including  fresh flowers and candle-light. They support local suppliers and businesses by only buying seasonal, sustainable, and organic ingredients. They serve soups, braised lamb shoulder, mussels and a variety of other delicious and exotic dishes. 

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