7 Important Facts You Should Know About Barcelona, Spain

If you would like to experience a rich and vibrant city with an amazing and diverse culture of exotic food and world-class drink, art, and architecture, then you should plan a visit to Barcelona. Barcelona grew in its popularity from hosting the 1992 Olympic games, and it has become one of the most visited tourist places in the world. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, it is a good idea to obtain some more facts about Spain’s capital.

  1. Barcelona Has The Most Noteworthy Architecture & Experiences

La Sagrada Familia Barcelona Vacation

The La Sagrada Família 

This church has its charm and gives awe to anyone who travels in Barcelona. Interestingly enough, the cathedral has been under construction since 1882 and is planned to be finished by 2026. Although it has been under construction for a long time, it still attracts more than 4.5 tourists a year and is the most viewed masterpiece in Spain.

Casa Batlló

Casa Batlló is one of the unique and most interesting buildings in Europe. It resides in the center of Barcelona, attracting thousands of tourists every year because of its dreamlike architecture as it holds many lively colors such as mauve, green, and teal, along with curved windows and towers. It is worth visiting due to its fascinating and intricate facade.

Museu Picasso

For its setting alone, Museu Picasso stands alone because of its exquisite courtyards, galleries, and staircases. Here, you can see and admire Pablo Picasso’s early works.

Camp Nou

You can visit Camp Nou for its famous Barça football team. Cheer with the crowd as the legendary team scores its many goals from May until August. No matter what you choose to visit, Barcelona has something for everyone.

  1. Barcelona Has Two Co-Official Languages  

booking a Barcelona visit

Spanish and Catalan are the two main languages spoken in Barcelona. These two languages share the same roots, but the locals speak Catalan and the tourists speak in Spanish. No matter what language you speak, the locals are often kind enough to take the time to understand you and give you helpful responses.

  1. Dining Times Are Different

Barcelona dining times are different from the rest of Europe and the Americas. Their lunch is normally after 12 p.m. and dinner is usually after 9 p.m. If you call to make a reservation before 9 p.m., then you might not even get an answer due to the fact that the restaurant is probably closed.

  1. Be Self-Aware and Vigilant

Unfortunately, Barcelona is known for having massive pickpocketers around the city, so make sure that when you are walking around, keep an eye on all of your possessions. Likewise, the rest of the city is sensitive to noise among the narrow streets, so be self-aware of how loud your voice might carry. After sunset, the locals consider anyone overly loud as rude.

  1. Barcelona is a Relaxed City

On the other hand, Barcelona is not a very fast-paced city. Fortunately, you can take your time when you are visiting restaurants and shops. Slow down and enjoy the experience!

  1. Booking in Advance is Important

Since Barcelona is a very popular tourist attraction, you should take the time to plan ahead. Save yourself the hassle by booking ahead before all the hostels are booked. Be prepared to arrive in a bustling city where there are lots of crowds and street vendors.

  1. Barcelona Encourages You to Open Your Mind

visiting the National Palace of Barcelona

Overall, visiting Barcelona should be an impressive and pleasurable vacation for you. It is a great city to experience solo or with family and friends. It offers many different churches, monuments, and parks that you can spend the day at. Try handmade drinks and foods like tapas, Bombas, and paellas. The locals and other tourists there will be sure to make friendly conversations with you wherever you go. They’ll want you to be excited about their culture, and they will eagerly share their world with you. No matter what, have fun! 

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