7 Reasons Why You Must Visit Slovenia

7 Reasons Why You Must Visit Slovenia

Slovenia is among the most wonderful places on Earth. It is very rural and leaves a quaint impression on anyone who visits. If you're traveling to Europe, plan your visit to Slovenia, as it just might be the perfect place for a getaway. It holds all the charms of Europe, and tourists will find scenery that is so vast and definitely worth the visit. Here 7 reasons why you should travel to Slovenia for your next vacation:

1. European-Influenced Towns & Cities

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Slovenia is at the heart of Europe so the commute to other nearby destinations takes only minutes by bus or train. With this location, Slovenia has adopted a distinct style influenced by both Eastern European and Mediterranean cultures. Further, if you are interested in history, then you will be fascinated by learning about its past by visiting its numerous monuments and landmarks.

2. Impressive Street-Art Culture

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If you are interested in street art, then visit the city of Ljubljana. For the past twenty-five years, spray paint has lined local walls to bring messages to townsfolk and tourists alike, providing an artistic expression of the country’s history and culture. Upon visiting the city, specifically look for the Metelkova district, where you can get an authentic taste of the local street art culture.

3. Unique Charm

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Part of Slovenia’s enchantment is its unique street decorations. Around downtown Ljubljana, you’ll find hanging umbrellas between stores, as well as shoes purposefully draped over telephone lines. You can also relax on neon benches and shop around for neat tchotchkes.


If you are daring, you may want to consider trying unpasteurized milk sold in vending machines around the area. One of the greatest aspects of Slovenia is that the locals enjoy fresh, high-quality ingredients within all of their food and beverages, so you can be rest assured that your vacation will be filled with delicious and healthy foods.  

4. Budget-Friendly

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If you are looking for an affordable vacation, Slovenia is a top choice. A casual meal will cost around 7 Euro, beer around 2.50 Euro, and a cup of coffee only costs 1.30 Euro! Tourism in Slovenia is on the rise, with a 23% increase from 2009. It won’t be long before ticket prices skyrocket as tourism increases. So don’t wait too long! Let FareDepot help you find reasonable prices for your vacation to Slovenia

5. Discover It’s Green Culture

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Slovenia’s green culture has developed rapidly over these past few years. In 2016, Ljubljana was awarded Europe’s Green Capital of the world. The city’s numerous eco-conscious efforts have included transforming the entire downtown into a pedestrian-only space, with designated zones for cyclists.

6. Captivating Historic Castles

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Slovenia has approximately 100 castles across its breathtaking landscapes. You can find a castle in just about any position you desire, whether it be standing on a hill overlooking the city, rested next to vast rivers and lakes, as well as by cliff sides and vistas showing you gorgeous landscapes. Briefly transport yourself back in time and absorb a part of Slovenian history.  

7. Feast Your Eyes on Slovenia’s Most Beautiful Attraction: Lake Bled

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Lake Bled is among Slovenia’s most beautiful natural wonders. You can rent a boat and make your way to Bled Island, which lies at the center of the lake. On the island, there is an alluring and historic church, the Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Maria, as well as a small, elegant cafe. Nothing sounds more peaceful than sipping coffee or tea as you take in the tranquility of the small island and the lake surrounding it.

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