9 Best Restaurants in London That Will Blow Your Tastebuds!

9 Best Restaurants in London That Will Blow Your Tastebuds!

Let your trip be for adventure or leisure, getting the right food from the best spots is probably the one thing that can turn it into a good or bad one. And when it is a vibrant city like London where there are many cultural influences, the choices are pretty enormous.

Whether it is the hand rolled Italian pasta or tandoori baked Naan bread, London has the best options for you from the street food level to a Michelin starred fine dining restaurants. It doesn’t matter if you need to book a table or stand in long queues, our list of the best restaurants in London will convince you that the wait is totally worth it.

1. 108 Garage

108 Garage London

Amidst the flickering candles and the dark, eccentric decor, 108 Garage London serves the best influential cuisine in London. The five-course tasting menu is inventive, innovative and is inspired from all over the world. Chef Chris Denney has achieved something that brings together everyone in this upscale restaurant. Everything from the entire to the wine list is exquisite. The inventively garnished gin and tonics and the chocolate cremeux paired with artichoke ice cream are two items that you would want to order when you are there.

2. 40 Maltby Street

40 Maltby Street London

The warehouse of the Gergovie Wines has been turned into a spectacular haven for delicious wines and comfort food. The place embraces the nature and its rustic ways, implementing it in the menu with the fresh ingredients and the decor with the DIY tables and stools. Now with a kitchen too small and a wine list so long, the food you get here is surprisingly good. All the wines are sourced from small-scale producers that makes you appreciate it even more. 40 Maltby Street London is the perfect spot for a weekend lunch with a group if you love wine and its pairings.

3. Aulis London

Every day at the Aulis is different. Inspired by the daily available ingredients, the menu changes regularly, and it is not a short one either. The chefs there play with their creativity every single day to one up with exquisite dishes for the 15-course menu. You can easily watch this process of creation across the counter, and that will give you a new level of respect for these artists who work at such precision. It’s the perfect setting for a fine dining restaurant, Aulis London also boasts a nice wine listing that comes recommended by the talented sommelier.

4. Bao Fitzrovia

Bao Fitzrovia London

This Taiwanese Restaurant has worked its charm in London with a range of unique dishes. The place is quite famous for its Bao, the steamed buns; but trust us, the other items on the menu are even better. The chicken chops and the beef cheek nuggets are juicy and mouthwatering, and not to forget the special aubergine preparations that the Vegas will love. The U shaped bar and the menu with tick boxes just add to the charisma of the entire place.


5. ?Barrafina

?Barrafina London

Barrafina is where you should go for the best Tapas on a stylish fine dining menu in London. Every dish is created with a mix of traditional recipes and gourmet flavors. The crispy skinned chicken served with Romesco Sauce, and the fantastic tortillas are all that’s needed to make you go to this place over and over again at Barrafina London, you will also get a chance to watch the chefs working by sitting around the open kitchen. You might want to get your reservation ready for a fabulous dinner here with your date.

6. Black Axe Mangal

It is little hard to describe the phenomenon that is the Black Axe Mangal in few words. This tiny place has brought new dimensions to the dining scene in London. It first strikes as a tacky place with a heavy metal vibe to it. But the joint gained popularity in quite a small amount of time with its cinnamon banana bread and mano tofu hash brown. With the vibrancy of colors right from the tablecloth to the plate, this restaurant in London is apt for anyone who loves to share meals and enjoy eating with all their heart.

7. Claude Bosi at Bibendum

Claude Bosi at Bibendum london

Large windows and high ceilings always boast of opulence. Claude Bosi at Bibendum London has maintained that level with its delicious French cooking and beautiful, elaborate plating. The meal usually starts with a wine of your choice and nineties amuse-Bouches, continued by the menu of your choice and a show-stopping cheese trolley in the end. If you plan to dine here, it is imperative that you get reservations weeks ahead.

8. Clipstone London

Clipstone London has stripped itself of its flashy vibrant trying too hard ambiance of restaurants these days. Instead, you will be welcomed with the simple bare white walls and old-school wooden chairs. But the food is served with the charm and warmth of a bistro dining. The dishes cooked on the grill and the plates that are designed to share works well with the aged Negronis and inspired wine list. The place is straightforward, minimalistic and has all the characteristics of a neighborhood classic.

9. Clove Club

clove club london

There is a reason that Clove Club is the highest ranking restaurant of Britain in the World’s best 50 lists. Chef Isaac McHale has outdone himself at this cutting-edge Michelin starred restaurant located in the Shoreditch Town Hall. Now, needless to say, the food is of high quality, delicious sourced from the best fresh ingredients and served with an excellent pairing of wine. But the interior decor is as good or even better than the food. From the big blue door to the glossy blue tiles, the Clove Club London is stunningly good for both your stomach and your Instagram page.


Now that you know where to dine, we hope that you will truly experience your upcoming London trip to the fullest. Eating in these might even happen to be the best part of your London trip.  

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