10 Fun Facts about Lufthansa Airlines

Lufthansa Airlines is a popular name among travelers. For the quality of the flights to customer satisfaction, the airline has maintained its reputation for a long time now. Its operations run worldwide along with a surprisingly large number of subsidiaries.

According to the airline, it is not just about just flights. It is about travel adventures, the excitement of the take-offs and big aircraft to impress many.

We know that there are many among our readers who have a passion, not just about the travels but the flights too. For everyone, these fun facts about Lufthansa airlines will offer a curious read.

1. Lufthansa is the Largest Airline in Europe


Lufthansa is honored as the largest airline in Europe with numerous subsidiaries including Swiss Airlines, Austrian Airlines, and Germanwings. Among the impressive fleet of 656 aircraft together, 267 of them belongs to Lufthansa alone. It is not the largest just in terms of fleer, but also in terms of the number of passengers carried.

2. Lufthansa is the Biggest Operator of Boeing 747-8


Many airlines have switched to Airbus A380 to accommodate the passengers. Boeing 747s are becoming less in number. The Boeing 747-8 was once a favorite of many airlines and is undeniably that of Lufthansa flights. It plays an integral part in the fleet, considering that Lufthansa is still the biggest operator of the aircraft. Starting from its remarkable lines of aircraft since 1969, Boeing’s later version of Boeing 747-8 is often called the “Queen of the Skies.” It also holds the title for the longest airliner in the world.

So there is no surprise that Lufthansa ad bought 20 more of the jumbo in 2018, making its collection the biggest.

3. The Longest Flight is Over 13 Hours

The Longest Flight is Over 13 Hours

Lufthansa ’s longest flight to Buenos Aires takes off at Frankfurt International Airport. The journey on the LH510 is the longest scheduled flight and lasts for 13 hours and 55 minutes to be exact. Frankfurt airport also has the second longest Lufthansa flight take-off, heading towards east to Singapore. The second longest flight on Airbus A380 falls in short only of an hour and a half with the flying time of 12 hours and 15 minutes.

4. Lufthansa was the First Launch Customer of Boeing 737 

Lufthansa was the First Launch Customer of Boeing 737 

Most of you don't know much about aircraft. So let us give you some insight. The Boeing 737 series is the still the best selling commercial aircraft of the world. Over 9000 airliners have been built since 1968.

In a minute, around 15 737’s are landing and taking off in airports around the world, making it one of the most widely used and popular aircraft of all times. When Lufthansa launched its first Boeing 737 on February 1965, it wouldn't have thought that the airline would be marking the starting of a history. Later in 1968, the airline also launched the twinjet. In 2016, the airline flew its farewell flight of 737 from Frankfurt to Hamburg.

5. Lufthansa has the Largest Airbus A380 fleet in Europe

Lufthansa has the Largest Airbus A380 fleet in Europe

It sounds like Lufthansa has bagged many titles for owning the aircraft. But being the largest airline in Europe with a massive fleet of intercontinental flights, it is only apt. Lufthansa has 14 Airbus A380m in which 509 passengers could be seated in four different travel classes. This covers 423 seats in economy and economy plus. 78 flatbeds for business class and 8 first class Seats.

6. Lufthansa is one of the Five Founding Member of Star Alliance

Lufthansa is one of the Five Founding Member of Star Alliance

Star Alliance is one of the largest airline alliances in the world. Today, there are 27 Star alliance airlines with a  combined fleet of 4657 aircraft. Lufthansa played a significant role in the forming of this alliance together with Air Canada, Thai Airways, Scandinavian Airlines, and United Airlines.

The headquarters of the grout is also located in Frankfurt. The logo of the alliance shows five triangles representing these five airlines. Another quirky fact is that all the member airlines are required to paint at least one of their aircraft with the official Star Alliance livery Lufthansa Miles and More is also one of the largest traveler loyalty programs with access to all Star Alliance member airlines.

7. Most Flights take off from Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt International Airport

Frankfurt International Airport is the primary hub of Lufthansa. It is also one of the busiest airports in the world. The airport serves 264 destinations in over 110 countries across the globe making it the airport that serves the most international destinations in the world.

8. Lufthansa is the First to Offer Inflight Internet

Lufthansa is the First to Offer Inflight Internet

Today, if there is no Wifi on flights, that is when the passenger get pissed off. So think of the days without this and Lufthansa making this groundbreaking announcement to the traveling industry.

But have you ever wondering how the internet works up in the sky? The airplane send s the signal to the satellites that are circling the earth, that sends it back to earth from where a provider will connect is back to the aircraft again. Sounds simple or complicated?

9. Lufthansa is the Largest Purchaser of Caviar in the World

Lufthansa is the Largest Purchaser of Caviar in the World

Yes, not just among the airlines, in the entire world. Lufthansa Business class and first class travelers receive top-notch services with an annual supply of 10 tons of caviar. That is definitely not a small amount, considering how much a person would be served inflight.

10. Lufthansa brought home the World Cup Champions

Lufthansa brought home the World Cup Champions

This would be the most interesting fact. No for everyone, but for the football fans. After Germany won the Football World Cup in 2014, the players were brought back to Berlin on 14th July on the Lufthansa flight. The plane was then renamed to "Siegerflieger Fanhansa" meaning "Winners-plane,” and Lufthansa became “Fanhansa” for the day.

The carrier also made a spectacle by flying at an altitude of 700 meters in a no-flight zone, with special permission for the 500,000 fans waiting below. The flight received a live broadcast on TV for the millions of Germans across the globe to watch.

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