What to Expect on AirAsia Premium Economy

Majority of us are those who try to get the cheap airline tickets with the best value possible for the flights. Skimping our way through travel blogs and flight review to find the best airlines that offer deals that fall under your budget to tick off your bucket list.

There is a rising number of low-cost carriers boasting how wonderful they can make your flight journeys. If you are flying anywhere to Asia, then your best call in this category would be AirAsia.

Offering flights to all over the world, the only problem you might encounter is the duration of the journey, But, the crew does go beyond to help you be comfortable. Find out what to expect while booking and flying with AirAsia premium economy.

1. Booking Tickets

Booking Tickets

Though the rates are considerably low compared to the competitors, it is still better to bag your AirAsia flights at least 60 days in advance to your travel. AirAsia booking online is fairly easy. You can either book on their website or opt to book from other travel websites.


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2. Priority Check-in

Priority Check-in

One advantage of booking in Premium Class then you get a separate priority Airasia check in counter. Quoting AirAsia itself “with greater flexibility comes greater perks.” And not having to stand in queues at busy airports is definitely one of those. This also includes a priority baggage claim at the destination.

If you have time, it is always best to do the online check-in to avoid risk in case you arrive late at the airport. Though in a few airports you can print your boarding passes, in a few airports, the passes you print from kiosks are not valid passes exactly. So it is recommended that you take a printed copy of the ticket and double check with airport authorities if you need to get the boarding passes separately.

3. Check for an Upgrade

Check for an Upgrade

At this stage, you might want to check at the gate if there is a chance for you to upgrade to business or first class. Since you are traveling in premium economy, the chances are better than an economy seat and especially if you are flying solo, it is worth popping a polite question.

4. Onboard


Like the priority check-in, you are also given a priority while boarding. This means you can board in peace and settle down taking your time.  

The Premium Classes of AirAsia offers premium flatbeds. Don’t let the name fool you. Although the seats only have a 60 inch -pitch, these are still a better upgrade as the best premium economy seats you can get for the price. However, there is no bling like a glass of champagne. It is not to be expected for the money you paid. But you will be given a hot towel and a bottle of water.

The seats are quite comfortable and with a convenient leg room. There is a device in the armrest to control the seat positions and the footrest. You can also control it with buttons located near the headrest. There are reading lights in between the seats and a small space to keep your essentials. Even when reclined fully, it doesn't get in the way of passengers behind you.

5. Amenities and Entertainment

pillow and blanket

This Premium Class does not come with an amenity kit. You are provided with a pillow and blanket which will particularly be a lot useful if your flight is overnight. Other than that, you can find toothbrush kits in the lavatory.

Regarding entertainment, AirAsia has failed to an extend. There is no free entertainment; however, you can rent a tablet with a range of Tv series and movies available either on board or book it online. You are charged $14 on board and $11 online. The best way is to load up your personal device with some movies prior to the flight. There is no in-flight Wi-Fi either, so make sure you have got yourself covered for inflight entertainment.


6. Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage

AirAsia does not provide the best premium economy food. But it is decent, and depending on the destination, the food might even be great. The menu is extensive, and there is a good variety to choose from. For any snacks or drinks that don't come with the ticket, you will have to pay an additional cost.


7. The Service


One of the many pleasant aspects of flying in AirAsia airlines is the AirAsia customer service. You receive a warm welcome at all points, and for any requests you have, they are pleasant to serve you. Good staff can make all the difference in your flight, and with AirAsia, there are only a few chances that it could go wrong.


8. Check for Add-ons

Check for Add-ons

One great feature of AirAsia is that whether you fly in the economy or premium economy, there are a few add-ons you can buy while booking online. It is also best to pre-order food and snacks beforehand as the flight might not always have excess on board to provide you at the request. In case of any dietary requirements, it is important that you mention it beforehand.

If you are traveling in economy, you can buy a premium flex pass at the time of booking that includes priority check-ins, baggage allowances, and seat allocations.

All in all, AirAsia offers excellent value for the price you pay. Most of their long haul flights are overnight, and the seats are good enough to get a good overnight sleep according to flight standards. If you are looking for a low-cost carrier, AirAsia has nailed the art of offering the best under a budget flying to 130 destinations in more than 25 countries.