Airlines Finally Reveal How to Get Cheap Last Minute Flights!

It is a common belief that early bird gets the cheapest airfare for all travels. And hence the first thing we do for any trip is to check the flight availability even if it is a year before.

Airlines do have policies to keep a set number of seats aside for cheapest airfare. Once these seats sell out, that's when the prices increase. Because airlines know that the businessmen are ready to pay a hefty amount for their premium seats even at the last minute. Hence the logic of book early to extremely cheap flights.

But it is not in all circumstances that we can plan that early or even know our travel dates before it is too late. In the emergency situations, we are even looking for how to get last minute flight deals at the airport. But is it ever too late to get really cheap flights?

It is not always the case exactly. Even during the peak seasons like Christmas and New Year's, there is a window where there are insanely cheap last minute flights deals. Usually, fares are a lot cheaper three weeks before departure than the tickets booked even six months earlier. It might be such a good option for those who like to have everything pre-planned months before a trip. This method definitely involves few nail-biting moments.

The last minute airfare deals do tend to fluctuate daily or hourly in many cases depending on the passenger demand. Many airlines departing and arriving at the same destination around the same time will also have an impact on the airfare. When one carrier changes the price, it will affect all the carries respectively.


To be on top of all these that would affect the last minute flight deals, it is better to use a fair comparison website like FareDepot rather than checking their official sites.

On our website, you can see the airfare from multiple airlines all at once for you to choose your best option for cheapest last minute flights. Whether you are taking international flights or business flights for your work, you will see the best options there.


So before you start your search, let us see what you can do to increase your chances on how to get cheap last minute flights.

Never Miss a Deal

last minute flight dealsWhen you are on the look for how to get cheap last minute flights, you will be on to all websites, continually refreshing pages to see what's new. But you could quickly be notified of all the sales if you sign up for their newsletters. Airlines send out notifications of sales to their customers without fail. So next time when you clear up the promotional emails from your inbox, don't forget to keep an eye out for airline newsletters.

Also be extra alert on Tuesday afternoons. By that point, the airlines have an estimate of whether their weekend flights are going to be booked or not. So if they still have empty seats, they will cut the prices and let their subscribers know. Airlines also allow you to bid on flights last minute by sending an invitation by email.

Be flexible

flexible last minute

Looking for a last minute flight almost always means that you know where you want to go. But if that is not the case, and you are spontaneous on your destination for a quick getaway, flexibility on the destination might make a difference on last minute airline tickets.

Also adding flexible options on your departure and arrival dates might influence the prices of airfare. When there is no guarantee for this, you won't lose by checking out a few more dates and destinations.

Another way to be flexible is on the timing. Do not hesitate to book a flight at an odd timing or from a distant airport wondering about the commute. Even if you have to pay your cab driver the double, it will definitely be worth if it means saving a few thousand bucks on your flight fare.

Get a Flight for Free

free flights

Before you wonder whether you can actually fly for free, read the small lines of “conditions apply” very carefully. Some airlines like Flybe and Ryanair and credit card companies like Amex has few plans offering free return trips as an bonus if you sign up for their card. To qualify though, you will have to spend their set minimum amount which varies from company to company. Make sure you pay the balance amount in full to avoid interest charges. Once you have used your free flight, you can even cancel the card if you don't want it.

You can also make use of your flyer miles and credit card points to be redeemed against set flight routes. If you have a good credit score, this might get you a free flight. For your credit card, the best way to build up your Avios miles is to use it for daily purchases like grocery and shopping But always pay off the debt in full, so you will not have to pay interest, and you will be an esteemed customer of theirs.

Clear your 'cookies’

web cookies travel

If you have noticed that the more you search, the more the airfares keeps increasing. It is because the airlines keep track of your cookies and record of your searches. What they are trying to do is to panic you into buying the tickets before the prices keep rising. You can avoid this simply by clearing the browser cookies after each search or by using incognito mode in your browser.

Buy in bulk

Many airlines have offers for group and family bookings by purchasing wholesale flights. They also offer packages that will let you plan the itinerary and book a number of cheap last minute flights. Look into the availability of such wholesale options if you are traveling with a group.

Choose your Travel Days wisely

travel calendar

Try to avoid the busy days such as the starting of the week and weekends if you can. Business travelers tend to travel on Mondays, so if you can fly midweek, it will reduce the rates.

Don’t be afraid to ask for It

airport countersIf you are booking your flights via an agent, do not hesitate to ask them for a better deal. Mostly the agents will have tie-ups with airlines, and they have flexibility in getting flights. So be prepared to negotiate if you think you can get a better deal.


Getting really cheap last minute flight is not always easy. But it is possible with a lot of luck and a little patience. And if you are wondering how to get cheap last minute flights at the airport if nothing works, wait for the very last minute possible. If you are lucky, they might still have seats to be filled, and you will get insanely cheap flights! `But always be prepared for worse.

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