Best Budget Airlines in Europe

There was once a time when Eurail passes were the most affordable means of traveling across Europe. But now, with budget airlines in the scene, things are taking a turn. Today, there are more backpackers in the airport than on railway platforms.

The airports are welcoming budget airlines in Europe with open arms. Major airports in cities even have dedicated terminals for them. Just with your cabin baggage and a handbag, now traveling in Europe has become the easiest.

So if you have been playing with the idea of a European trip this year, you might want to take a look at the best budget airlines Europe has.

Fly with these, and all destinations are only an hour or so within each other.

1. Ryanair


Among all the EU budget airlines, Ryanair has been standing out with its exceptionally cheap air tickets. The airline now serves 30 countries including those in the Middle East and North Africa.

Being the largest lowcost airline in Europe, the airline already puts up very competitive fares. Paired up with their sales, this is one of the most cheap flights you could find to fly to anywhere in the continent. You could also sign up for their email alerts and loyalty program to get a discount on accommodation.

However, if you are not careful or adhere to their strict rules there would be a lot of fees you would have to pay at the airport. This includes that you have to buy separate check-in bags or you will be charged double the amount at the airport. To make this simple, they also have packages for priority bags and check-in that comes in bundles.

2. EasyJet


EasyJet is your next best option for lowcost airlines Europe. With an impressive route, EasyJet also connects dozens of flights from the UK to various destinations in Europe.

Easyjet allows only one cabin bag, but it is slightly larger than the standard cabin bag dimensions, 56x45x25 cm. However, you can find many other packages on their website where you can buy further options for cabin bags and hold luggage.

3. Vueling


This Spanish airline Vueling has got you covered for all your travels to most destinations in Spain. It is not only Spain they serve to, but they also serve in several destinations in and across Europe. The baggage allowances actually include two for to take in the cabin; a handbag of 35x20x20 cm and a cabin bag of 55x45x30 cm.

4. Volotea


Volotea is another one of the European Budget airlines that belongs to Spain. A majority of Volotea’s flights covers Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, and Greece.

The baggage policies of Volotea are similar to that of Vueling; with a larger bag of size 55x45x30 cm and a smaller handbag of 35x20x20 cm.

5. Wizz Air

Wizz Air

The Hungarian budget airline Wizz Air, in the beginning, used to cater to most of the Eastern and Central European countries. Now, expanding its horizons with any new destinations, it is on its way to becoming one of the best cheap airlines in Europe.

However, the airline only allows one 10 kg cabin bag of a small size 40x30x20 cm that could fit under the seat in front of you. If you need another cabin bag of the standard size, you will have to pay for then using the Wizz Priority Service option.

6. Eurowings


As a part of the famous and dominating name among the airlines, the Lufthansa group, Eurowings already comes with strong recommendations. The airline hales from Germany and serves over 200 destinations all over the world.

The best part is, you can use the Miles & More Miles program to credit or redeem points. You could also use the Eurowings rewards program separately too.

Eurowings also have a special program that saves you from the trouble of choosing a place for the vacation. Called the “Blind Booking,” you can essentially choose the category of the place you want to go; like the party, shopping, sun, and beach, etc. Once you have completed the booking, the destination will be revealed to you. FLights for bling booking starts at 66 euros.

Eurowings has similar baggage policy of a cabin bag no larger than 55x45x30 cm of 8 kg and a smaller handbag of 40x30x10 cm.

7. Condor  


This German airline has also aced the art of budget traveling in Europe. Condor airlines usually   to Spain, Greece, Italy, and Croatia in Europe. That basically covers all the dreamy vacation spots. The allowance of the cabin bag weight depends on the class you book, but the measurements are 55x40x20 cm.

8. Wow Air

Wow Air

Wow Air is the answer from the Nordic for European budget airlines. The Iceland airlines is based in Reykjavik and have plenty of flights to take you to Europe from the US and Canada. They also offer many stopover tours at Reykjavik being the connection, so you can easily cover another destination even before you arrive at the airport.

Similar to other airlines, your ticket will cover you for the seat and cabin luggage, and you would need to pay extra for everything else.

The one thing common with all these budget airlines is that there is no in-flight catering. However, they do offer snacks and drinks that you can pay for. With premium options, a few airlines allow you to preorder the meals on board.

To sum up, you definitely have to reconsider your traveling options to Europe now. Nevertheless. Finding cheap flights within Europe alone is not enough. You also need to know how to find cheap flights to Europe.


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