Best Airlines to Fly in Asia

Asia is a culmination of diversities and invigorating senses. There is not one among us who has never wanted to go to Asia and see its wonders.

But the only thing stopping us are the expensive flight fares. Asia being so large, it is not just a matter of finding cheap flights to Asia, but also within Asia.

If you just take your time to do the homework, you will find that there are many budget airlines in Asia.

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So back to traveling within Asia, let us take a look at our favorite among the best airlines in Asia, that offer the best value for the price.

1. Air Asia

Air Asia

Air Asia is one of the largest airlines in Asia. Serving over 25 countries and more than 150 destinations, you could find a flight of Air Asia Airlines to almost any airport you want. They have an efficient service, and the standard of it is the same in all the flights. The cuisine served inflight varies depending on which region you are traveling in; but no worries there, food is always delightful.

2. Thai Airways

Thai Airways

The prominent airline based in Thailand, Thai Airways also serves numerous destinations in Asia. With their main hub at Bangkok, the airline has flights both domestically and internationally with impeccable service throughout.

3. Thai Smile

Thai Smile

Thailand’s next leading budget airline in the Thai Smile. It is a regional airline, and if you want to travel anywhere within Thailand, this is the best option. Flights are as cheap as 20 dollars during the sale for a person to fly from Chiang Mai to Bangkok. You could also get the same prices by being an early bird. They also serve a meal and a drink on board.

4. Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines is the national airline of the country. It has both international and domestic flights to five continents with Malaysia being the connecting hub.

5. Firefly Malaysia

Firefly airlinesFirefly airlines is a subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines. The airline currently focuses in serving Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore apart from Malaysia. This is one of the cheap airlines in Asia to offer flight tickets even at 10 dollars.

6. MASWings


Another subsidiary of the Malaysian Airlines is MASWings primarily serving the southeast Asian island of Borneo and based on Jalan Miri airport currently.

7. Cebu Pacific

Cebu Pacific

The budget carries based in Manila, Philippines, Cebu Pacific is the country’s second-largest airline. The Airline serves mostly domestic flights, but they also have international flights to other prominent Asian countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.

8. Spring Airlines

Spring Airlines

With the central hub at Shanghai airport, Spring Airlines is a low-cost carrier in China. The airline has flights to all domestic destinations in China along with other Asian countries. Note that the airlines have very strict baggage policies that are less than the usual allowance, so make sure to double check on their website.

9. Hong Kong Airlines

Hong Kong Airlines

Hong Kong Airlines currently serves 30 cities all over the world including Auckland, Los Angeles, and Vancouver. They also have numerous flights to many destinations in Asia. One particular thing about Hong Kong airlines is the neatly kept flight interior and the considerably large size of the toilets. If you are traveling with kids, make a not of this.

10. Vietnam Airlines

Vietnam Airlines

Vietnam Airlines often add a special touch to their hospitality by providing sweets on Vietnamese celebrations. Being the national airline of Vietnam, the airlines has both domestic and international flights serving out of the two main airports, Ho Chi Minh city, and Tan Son Nhat.

11. Jetstar


Jetstar is an Australian low budget airline. However, they have three subsidiaries in Asia; Jetstar Asia, Jetstar Japan, and Jetstar Pacific, based in Singapore, Tokyo and Ho Chi Minh City respectively. The airline is owned by Qantas, and the standard and the efficiency is reflected throughout.

12. Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific

Based in Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific has flights to as many as 300 destinations all over the world. This is one of the best flights to choose to travel to or within Asia. It is on the list of top airlines in the world itself and is a founding member of the rewards program Oneworld. You can easily add up miles if you choose to fly in this airline since it also serves many domestic airports in Asia.

13. ANA

All Nippon Airways

ANA or All Nippon Airways is a Japanese airline with ANA Wings and Air Japan as subsidiaries. They are efficient in both timing and services and one of the best cheap airlines in Asia.

14. VietJet

VietJet Air

VietJet Air is a private airline serving Vietnam. With multiple airlines to all domestic airports in the country, the airline is growing into an extensive network. Apart from domestic flights, the airline has fights also to Phuket, Singapore, Taipei, Bangkok, Siem Reap, and other prominent nearby Asian cities.

15. Korean Air

 Korean Air

Korean Air is the largest airline in South Korea connecting 127 cities spread across 44 countries. It also has a massive network of domestic flights in the country and is undoubtedly one of the best airlines in Asia and the world. The flights are efficient, on time and have Incheon International Airport as the main hub.

The beauty of Asia lies in the hidden treasures of the faraway villages and town. With these budget airlines, getting to these places is a lot easier.

So this is the ultimate list of the best airlines to fly in Asia. If you plan ahead and book early, you are sure to come across some of the cheap airfares you will ever see. To make it easier to compare, do not hesitate to start searching right here on our website.