World's Best Airports of 2018

A flight experience is no longer just confined to what happens on board. Right from the moment you step on to the airport, the journey begins. And that is why countries and capitals are hiring world-renowned architects to design their airports. Every single attribute from the floor material, design, and runways all influence the smooth operation of an airport. However, when you add a few pleasing details, you can avoid the frustration of long layovers and check-in lines.

That is where these airports have succeeded in charming both the staff and travelers. Find out which are the best airports in the world as revealed by Skytrax so you can choose your departure and layovers wisely.

10. Frankfurt Airport in Germany

frankfurt airport

Frankfurt Airport has seen many additions and renovations throughout the decades. Being the main airport of a commercial center like Germany, it is a success it itself to be able to control the huge number of flights from 98 airlines that take off and land in the airport. Being the third biggest airport in Europe and the largest one in Germany, the airport is also the base for Lufthansa and has a special Terminal dedicated to the airline.

9. Zurich Airport in Switzerland

Zurich Airport in Switzerland

The marvelous glazed wall building of the Zurich Airport is a spectacular sight.  It is also the largest international airport in Switzerland. Serving around 130 airlines and more than 35 million passengers annually, the airport is undoubtedly one of the world’s busiest airport. The main element of the design blurs the barrier between the sky and the airport making the experience more magical.

8. London Heathrow in England

London Heathrow in England

London Heathrow deserves an appreciation to managing the traffic being the busiest airport in the UK and has only recently lost its title as the busiest airport in the world to Dubai. It is still the busiest airport in Europe by passenger traffic. The airport has also achieved the title for the  World’s Best Airport Terminal in 2018. Many world-famous architects have laid their hands on the airport for designing expansions including Zaha Hadid, Grimshaw, and HOK. The result is a stunning building that caters as one of the biggest airport in the world.

7. Centrair Nagoya in Japan

Centrair Nagoya in Japan

Claiming the title for the World's Best Regional Airport, Centrair has made quite an impression among the travelers. The central Japan International Airport has a considerable number of passenger traffic for a regional airport, mostly provisioning large domestic traffic percentage. The airport mainly serves Asian airlines and destinations.  

6. Munich Airport in Germany

Munich Airport in Germany

The German Airports has a way of pleasing crowds. The second largest airport in Germany might remind you more of a city center than an airport. Which is definitely good as their airport does serve as a layover for many international flights. With over 50 places where you can enjoy a drink or eat and then with more than 150 retail stores, the Munich Airport has enough to keep you occupied. Munich Airport was also titled the Best Airport in Europe in 2018.

5. Doha Hamad in Qatar

Doha Hamad in Qatar

Hamad International Airport was formerly known as the New Doha International Airport caters to international airlines in Qatar. The airport has also been voted as the Best Airport in the Middle East in 2018. The current international terminals can accommodate a massive number of 30 million passengers in a year. The airport is the base of the National carrier Qatar Airways, and hence you can get a further idea of how the luxury reflected in the airport too. From greetings to prayer rooms, the culture is also well represented in the airport.

4. Hong Kong International Airport in China

hong kong international airport in china

Hong Kong Airport makes a spectacular statement on the island of Chek Lap Kok. Throughout the years, the airport has bagged many titles for being the best airport in the world. In 2018, it was awarded the Best Airport for Dining and World’s Best Transit Airport. It is the central hub of Cathay Pacific Airlines, Hong Kong Airlines and few other carriers based in China. The airport serves more than 100 airlines and is the world’s busiest airport by Cargo Traffic as by 2010.

3. Tokyo Haneda International Airport in Japan

Tokyo Haneda International Airport in Japan

Tokyo International Airport Haneda reflects the prosperity and advancement of Japan in all ways. The airport was voted the World Best Domestic Airport and the World’s Cleanest Airport in 2018. The airport serves as the base for domestic Japanese airlines including Japan Airways and ANA.

2. Seoul Incheon International Airport in South Korea

Seoul Incheon International Airport in South Korea

The largest airport in South Korea in its capital has surprisingly busy crowd turnover. It was formerly titled as the  Airport of the Year, best international transit airport, and cleanest airport by Skytrax. In 2018, the airport has also managed to be World’s Best Airport Staff award. The airport complex houses, not just the usual amenities but also a golf course, ice skating rink, casino, museum, and indoor gardens.

1. Singapore Changi Airport in Singapore

Singapore Changi Airport in Singapore

Connecting passengers from over 200 international destinations, Singapore Changi has been voted the world’s best airport six times in a row. In 2017, the airport proudly marked a milestone with 60 million passengers. The airport authorities haven't stopped there; there are many new upcoming projects that are focusing on improvement. The Jewel Changi Airport will be an exciting addition to the existing airport that would include indoor gardens, glasshouses and much more.

If you are curious to know what makes this airport the best, then it would be pleasing to know that it has a sunflower garden, a gushing waterfall and a cactus garden all inside the airport. Apart from this, the entertainment also ranges from free cinema, video storage, gaming rooms and such that could keep tired travelers very happy.


There you have the list of the top airports in the world. So now all you have to do is to plan your trip to or from such airports to get the experience yourself. Look for departure or layover flights to these airports from FareDepot. You can also find out how to get cheap last minute flights and international flights on our page.